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take to heartTo feel keenly; be greatly grieved at; be much affected by something.Rate it:
take to one's heelsTo leave; especially, to flee or run away.Rate it:
take to taskTo lecture, berate, admonish, or hold somebody accountable for his or her actions.Rate it:
take to the cleanersTo take a significant quantity of a person's money or valuables, through gambling, unfavorable investing, fraud, litigation, etc.Rate it:
take to the hillsTo flee or vanish; to run away.Rate it:
take to wifeto marry (as in a specific woman)Rate it:
take upThat which takes up or tightens; specifically, a device in a sewing machine for drawing up the slack thread as the needle rises, in completing a stitch.Rate it:
take up a collectionTo request and receive money or goods of value from members of a group, especially for a charitable purpose.Rate it:
take up the cudgel forTo make a defense for in lieu of another person.Rate it:
take up the gauntletTo accept a challenge.Rate it:
take up withTo form a close relationship with someone.Rate it:
take up withTo be contented to receive; to receive without opposition; to put up with.Rate it:
take uponTo take charge of an item of business, or an obligation, as a personal initiative.Rate it:
take with a pinch of saltNot take entirely seriously.Rate it:
taking to ones heelsrunning awayRate it:
taking upon oneselfventuringRate it:
talent managementHuman capital management of the entire employee lifecycle. Companies that are engaged in talent management are strategic and deliberate in how they source, attract, select, train, develop, promote, and move employees through the organization. This term also incorporates how companies drive performance at the individual level (performance management).Rate it:
talk a blue streakTo talk for a long time, at great length, or to the point of tedium.Rate it:
talk a mile a minuteTo speak quickly or excessively.Rate it:
talk aboutUsed to draw attention to the speaker's characterization of someone or somethingRate it:
talk backTo reply impertinently; to answer in a cheeky manner.Rate it:
talk bigboastRate it:
talk dirtyTo use profane language, especially sexual vulgarities for the purpose of arousal.Rate it:
talk downTo negotiate a lower price.Rate it:
talk downTo speak condescendingly or as though the listener is inferior.Rate it:
talk downTo speak condescendingly or as though the listener is inferior.Rate it:
talk in circlesA repetitious round of chatter, boring extrapolations, expressions lacking a modicum of reflection.Rate it:
talk in circlesTo argue a point by repetition of the same theme, sometimes by using different words, but without making any progress.Rate it:
talk is cheapIt is easy to make boastful or unrealistic statements which are not supported by actions or evidence.Rate it:
talk like an apothecaryTo use hard or gallipot words: from the assumed gravity and affectation of knowledge generally put on by the gentlemen of this profession, who are commonly as superficial in their learning as they are pedantic in their language.Rate it:
talk of the devilAlternative form of speak of the devil.Rate it:
talk of the townA subject discussed by many people.Rate it:
talk out of turnTo make a remark or provide information when it is inappropriate or indiscreet to do so, or when one does not have permission or the authority to do so.Rate it:
talk out one's assTo speak authoritatively on a subject which one actually knows little about; to exaggerate.Rate it:
talk overTo discuss.Rate it:
talk overTo persuade someone; to talk around.Rate it:
talk over someone's headTo communicate something beyond the level of comprehension of the target.Rate it:
talk softly and carry a big stickAlternative form of speak softly and carry a big stick.Rate it:
talk somebody under the tableWith excessive talk or numerous arguments.Rate it:
talk someone under the tableTo bore (someone) with excessive talk.Rate it:
talk someone's ear offTo talk excessively or far more than is wanted or appreciated.Rate it:
talk the leg off a wooden indianExcessive talk.Rate it:
talk the talkSpeak like an expert, claim to be knowledgeable about something.Rate it:
talk through one's hatTo assert something as true or valid; to bluff.Rate it:
talk through one's hatTo speak lacking expertise, authority, or knowledge; to invent or fabricate facts.Rate it:
talk to the handUsed usually sarcastically to dismiss another person's argument by indicating that the speaker (or writer) is not prepared to hear (or read) anything further that the other person has to say (or write). It is often used while simultaneously holding up the hand with the palm facing the speaker.Rate it:
talk turkeyTo talk or negotiate plainly, frankly, or seriously.Rate it:
talk upIn such a way as to make the thing or person sound better than it actually is.Rate it:
talk upTo talk louder.Rate it:
talking headA pundit who discusses issues of the day, especially one on TV.Rate it:

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