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take offTo remove.Rate it:
take offTo imitate, often in a satirical manner.Rate it:
take offTo leave the ground and begin flight; to ascend into the air.Rate it:
take offTo become successful, to flourish.Rate it:
take offTo depart.Rate it:
take offTo quantify.Rate it:
take offTo absent oneself from work or other responsibility, especially with permission.Rate it:
take offTo leave unexpectedly, blow the joint, leave in a huff, run out, evacuate, disband, abandon, rush away, fly the coop, jump the rails, jump the gun.Rate it:
take off!An order, a sharp command, a desultory admonition, Take Your Leave, now!, Get Lost!, Leave Town!Rate it:
take offlineDiscuss a sensitive or highly specific topic individually or in a small group away from a larger groupRate it:
take onTo acquire, bring in, or introduce.Rate it:
take onTo begin to have or exhibit.Rate it:
take onTo assume responsibility for.Rate it:
take onTo attempt to fight or compete.Rate it:
take on faithTo accept something without seeing evidence supporting it, by trust or confidence.Rate it:
take on the chinTo accept without flinching or complaining.Rate it:
take one for the teamTo accept some chore or hardship for the sake of one's friends or colleagues.Rate it:
take one's ball and go homeTo cease participating in an activity that has turned to one's disadvantage, especially out of spite, or in a way that prevents others from participating as well.Rate it:
take one's chanceTo act in a manner dependent on luck.Rate it:
take one's eye off the ballTo lose one's concentration on what is most important.Rate it:
take one's hat off toTo publicly praise or thank.Rate it:
take one's leaveSay goodbye.Rate it:
take one's lumpsTo endure through criticism or other adversity.Rate it:
take one's lumpsTo receive physical abuse and to survive.Rate it:
take one's pickTo choose; to selectRate it:
take one's timeTo go about something slowly and carefully.Rate it:
take one's timeTo take more time to do something than is considered acceptable.Rate it:
take one's tongue out of someone's assTo stop flattering someone (especially a superior) in an obsequious manner, and to support their every opinion.Rate it:
take outAlternative spelling of takeout.Rate it:
take out of contextTo interpret something in a manner in which it was not intended to be understood, often deliberately.Rate it:
take out the trashTo forcefully remove people from a place.Rate it:
take out the trashTo remove rubbish from a place.Rate it:
take overTo assume control of something, especially by force; to usurp.Rate it:
take overTo adopt a further responsibility or duty.Rate it:
take overTo relieve someone temporarily.Rate it:
take overTo buy out the ownership of a business.Rate it:
take overTo appropriate something without permission.Rate it:
take overTo annex a territory by conquest or invasion.Rate it:
take overTo become more successful than someone or something else.Rate it:
take partTo participate or join.Rate it:
take partTo share or partake.Rate it:
take prideto be proud of (usually followed by in or of)Rate it:
take sickTo become ill.Rate it:
take sidesTo ally oneself with a given opinion, agenda or group; to support one side or viewpoint in a competition or confrontation.Rate it:
take silkto be appointed as a Queen's CounselRate it:
take sitting downTo tolerate, accept, or acquiesce; to take no action.Rate it:
take somebody's word for itTo believe what somebody tells one.Rate it:
take someone's head offTo berate.Rate it:
take someone's pointTo agree with what a person says; to understand a person's argument and be persuaded by it.Rate it:
take someone's pointTo grasp the essential meaning of what a person is saying.Rate it:

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