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take a run atTo attempt to achieve or acquire.Rate it:
take a run atTo attack or challenge or to try to attack or challenge.Rate it:
take a seatTo sit down; to become seated.Rate it:
take a shine to someonetake a shine to someoneRate it:
take a shitTo defecate.Rate it:
take a shot in the darkTo try on something without having any knowledge about the subject.Rate it:
take a spillTo trip or fall.Rate it:
take a spinTo go for a ride; especially, to try riding or driving something.Rate it:
take a stab atTo attempt or try.Rate it:
take a stab atTo guess.Rate it:
take a standTo assert an opinion or viewpoint; to defend one's point of view or beliefs.Rate it:
take a tiger by the tailLatch-on, accost, challenge, confront someone or something which is dangerous, threatening, vicious, harmful, explosive, oppressive, vindictive.Rate it:
take a tumbleTo fall in price or value.Rate it:
take a tumbleTo fall off something, or down something.Rate it:
take a turn for the betterTo start to become better; to improve.Rate it:
take a turn for the worseTo start to become worse; to worsen.Rate it:
take a walk in the snowSee walk in the snow.Rate it:
take abackTo surprise or shock; to discomfit.Rate it:
take abackOf a ship: to catch it with the sails aback suddenly.Rate it:
take afterIn appearance or habit.Rate it:
take afterTo follow someone's example.Rate it:
take againstTo stop liking someone. Become unfriendly.Rate it:
take againstHe took against me when I was promoted over him.Rate it:
take aimTo position oneself and/or one's weapon so as to be aimed specifically at a chosen mark or target (which is indicated after 'at')Rate it:
take aimTo direct criticism (towards).Rate it:
take apartTo dismantle something into it's component pieces.Rate it:
take apartTo soundly defeat someone, or a team.Rate it:
take apartTo criticise someone.Rate it:
take apartTo move someone away from others to be able to talk to, or give them something in private.Rate it:
take awayTo remove something and put it in a different place.Rate it:
take awayTo remove something, either material or abstract, so that a person no longer has it.Rate it:
take awayTo subtract or diminish something.Rate it:
take awayTo leave a memory or impression in one's mind that you think about later.Rate it:
take awayTo make someone leave a place and go somewhere else. Usually not with the person's consent.Rate it:
take awayTo prevent, or limit, someone from being somewhere, or from doing something.Rate it:
take away fromTo make something seem not so good or interesting.Rate it:
take backTo retract an earlier statement.Rate it:
take backTo cause to remember some past event or time.Rate it:
take backTo resume a relationship.Rate it:
take backTo regain possession of something.Rate it:
take backTo return something.Rate it:
take by stormTo capture by means of a sudden, overwhelming attack.Rate it:
take by stormTo seize, overpower, or captivate in a sudden and forceful manner.Rate it:
take by stormTo rapidly gain great popularity in (a place).Rate it:
take care of the pence and the pounds will take care of themselvesAlternative form of take care of the pennies and the pounds will take care of themselves.Rate it:
take care of the pennies and the pounds will take care of themselvesIf you take care of little things one at a time, they can add up to big things.1750, Chesterfield, letter 5 Feb. (1932) IV. 1500:Old Mr. Lowndes, the famous Secretary of the Treasury, ?used to say?Take care of the pence, and the pounds will take care of themselves.1912, G. B. Shaw, Pygmalion ii. 132:Take care of the pence and the pounds will take care of themselves is as true of personal habits as of money.1979, R. Cassilis, Arrow of God, iv. xvii.:Little things, Master Mally. Look after the pennies, Master Mally, and the pounds will look after themselves.1999, Rate it:
take coverTo shelter oneselfRate it:
take downTo lower an item of clothing without removing it.Rate it:
take downTo remove something from a wall or similar vertical surface to which it is fixed.Rate it:
take downTo remove something from a hanging position.Rate it:

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