Found 62 phrases starting with SU:

success has many fathers, failure is an orphanMany will seek credit for success, few will accept responsibility for failure.Rate it:
success is a journey not an eventSuccess is a life long journeyRate it:
such asFor example.Rate it:
such asLike, of the kind mentioned.Rate it:
such asThose who.Rate it:
such-and-suchA placeholder or generic thing.Rate it:
suck a big oneto be terrible; to be of a very low standard.Rate it:
suck a lemonTo be in a sour or negative mood.Rate it:
suck assto be terrible; be of extremely poor quality.Rate it:
suck ballsto be terrible, of extremely poor quality.Rate it:
suck cockTo perform fellatio.Rate it:
suck cockTo be of poor qualityRate it:
suck donkey ballsTo be terrible, of extremely poor quality.Rate it:
suck donkey cockto be terrible, of extremely poor quality.Rate it:
suck faceTo kiss, especially deeply and for a prolonged time.Rate it:
suck hind titTo be last in line.Rate it:
suck hind titTo be the youngest or most neglected child.Rate it:
suck hind titTo feed from an inferior source of food.Rate it:
suck inTo cause someone to become slowly more and more involved in a business or situation that is often not to that person's liking.Rate it:
suck intoTo cause someone to become slowly more and more involved in a business or situation that is often not to that person's liking.Rate it:
suck ita rebuke or dismissalRate it:
suck it upTo put up with something; to deal with something, such as pain or misfortune, without complaining.Rate it:
suck my ballsAn irreverent rebuke or dismissal.Rate it:
suck my cockAn expression of discontent or aggravation to another party.Rate it:
suck offTo fellate a man until he ejaculates.Rate it:
suck someone's cockTo perform fellatio on someone.Rate it:
suck someone's cockTo brownnose, to curry favor to someone.Rate it:
suck the kumaraTo die.Rate it:
suck titsto be terrible, of extremely poor quality.Rate it:
suck upTo absorb fluid.Rate it:
suck upTo adulate or flatter somebody excessively, generally to obtain some personal benefit or favour.Rate it:
sucker punchAn unexpected punch or similar blow.Rate it:
sucker punchA disabling punch targeting a place which is not normally acceptable in a "fair fight", such as on the back of the head.Rate it:
sucker punchTo deliver an unexpected blow.Rate it:
suffer fools gladlyTo be tolerant of stupidity or incompetence in other people.Rate it:
suffering housemaid's kneeQuaint expression of earlier days relative to female servants performing chores of scrubbing floor on hands and knees.Rate it:
sufficient unto the day is the evil thereofNo need to worry about the future; the present provides enough to worry about.Rate it:
sugar and spiceExcerpt from a common nursery rhyme "What are little girls made of?"Rate it:
sugar coatedAlternative spelling of sugarcoated. (altered to seem better than it really is, made more attractive.)Rate it:
sugar daddyReference to an older or elderly male adult seen in the company of a female much younger. The judgement of bystanders is; the female is mainly interested in the financial benefits to her lifestyle in this pairing:Rate it:
sugar pillUsed other than as an idiom: see sugar, pill.Rate it:
sugar pillA placebo medication.Rate it:
sugarcoatedCoated with sugar.Rate it:
sugarcoatedMade superficially more attractive. This often implies the reality has faults that are being hidden.Rate it:
sum of its partsA concept in holism. Related to the idea that the total effectiveness of a group of things each interacting with one another is different or greater than their effectiveness when acting in isolation from one another.Rate it:
sum upTo summarize.Rate it:
summer and winterEndured.Rate it:
summer and winterTo spend extended periods of time with; to test.Rate it:
Sunday bestA person's finest clothing, especially the clothes one reserves to wear to church on Sunday.Rate it:
Sunday driverOne who drives slowly, as for leisure or sightseeing.Rate it:

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