Found 119 phrases starting with SO:

so be itAn indication of acceptance, especially of a situation which is not entirely favorable.Rate it:
so faras yetRate it:
so farUntil now; previously; yet.Rate it:
so faras yet; up till nowRate it:
so far so goodUp to this point, all is OK.Well, you've packed your bags for the holiday, bought your tickets, reserved the hotel and put the dog in kennels. So far so good, now let's get to Minorca without any troubles.Rate it:
so long asDepending upon some condition or requirement; provided that; if, assuming; as long as.Rate it:
so much asEven; suggests a minimum, especially regarding what might be expected.Rate it:
so much forAn expression of disregard, or resignation; something said upon giving up, quitting, or disposing of something.Rate it:
so on and so forthIndicates that a list continues in a similar manner.Rate it:
so quiet one can hear a pin dropSaid during a lull in a normally bustling place or scene, or as the result of a sudden dramatic or tense moment.Rate it:
so quiet one could hear a pin dropSaid during a lull in a normally bustling place or scene, or as the result of a sudden dramatic or tense moment.Rate it:
so soaverageRate it:
so somediocreRate it:
so soneither good nor badRate it:
so somediocreRate it:
so sonot badRate it:
so thereA defiant expression used to finish a poorly-made argument.Rate it:
so whatdoes it matter?Rate it:
so you wanna be a net controlTitle of Orientation Manual for learning to become a Moderator on an Amateur Radio Network.Rate it:
so-and-soA name used to take the place of an epithet.Rate it:
so-and-soA placeholder name, used when a name is not known; a generic name.Rate it:
so-and-soAnything generic.Rate it:
so-calledSame as above, without the negative connotation.Rate it:
so-calledSo named; called by such a name, with a very strong connotation that the item is not worthy of that name.Rate it:
soak upAbsorb.Rate it:
soaked to the boneExtremely wet.Rate it:
soaked to the skinExtremely wetRate it:
soaking wetsaturatedRate it:
soap operaTV seriesRate it:
soap plantUsed other than as an idiom: see soap, plant.Rate it:
soap plantAny plant of the genus Chlorogalum, endemic to western North America, especially Chlorogalum pomeridianum, the most widespread species.Rate it:
soapboxA crate for packing soap, or, by extension, any inexpensive crude platform raised above the surrounding level to give prominence to the person on it, especially when used for speeches.Rate it:
soapboxEspecially when only tangentially relevant to an ongoing discussion.Rate it:
sob storyA sad story told to make others feel sympathy for the teller.Rate it:
sober as a judgeCompletely sober.Rate it:
sober upTo become sober.Rate it:
soccer playerfootballerRate it:
social deathThe alienation of certain people from society to the point of being forgotten, excluded, or ignored in society.Rate it:
social ladderThe hierarchy of a society.Rate it:
socialized medicineA politically charged term used to contrast such systems with free market alternatives and emphasize the perceived link to socialism.Rate it:
socialized medicineAn umbrella term for any system of government-run health care.Rate it:
sock-it to em!Hit them hard with the price/cost/details/requirements/hard-facts/negative aspects/Sad Reality:Rate it:
sock-knockingstunning, amazing, very impressive.Rate it:
sod allNothing.Rate it:
sod offGo away.Rate it:
soda jerkA person who works at a soda fountain.Rate it:
sofa bedfurniture itemRate it:
soft as a baby's bottomextremely soft (not rough)Rate it:
soft as a grapesomeone who is limited in their abilityRate it:
soft heartedBe kind; Fall for someoneRate it:

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