Found 79 phrases starting with SL:

slack-jawedWith the mouth in an open position and the jaw hanging loosely, especially as indicating bewilderment or astonishment.Rate it:
slack-jawedUnsophisticated or unthinking; dimwitted in appearance.Rate it:
slack-jawedOverly talkative; indiscreet.Rate it:
slag offTo talk insultingly to or about someone or something.Rate it:
slam dunkA high-jump approach to the basket and a one-hand slam of the ball through the hoop!Rate it:
slam dunkA task expected to present no difficulty.Rate it:
slam dunkAn impressively forceful dunk.Rate it:
slam dunkTacking on top of the wind of the following yacht in close quarters.Rate it:
slanging matchA row; an argument in which names are called.Rate it:
slap him up!A Threat to Inflict Violence, 'hand to face' or 'hand to head' or 'fists to body' of the victim of the threatened violence.Rate it:
slap in the faceUsed other than as an idiom: see slap, in, the, face.Rate it:
slap in the faceSomething unexpectedly said or done which causes shock or offense; an insult, rebuke, or rebuff.Rate it:
slap on the wristA mild or too-mild punishment; a reprimand.Rate it:
slap-happySlap Happy is a disposition, an apparent affectation, an intentional mood-swing, unusual presence in the moment, goofy.Rate it:
slave to fashionA person who is particularly concerned that his or her clothing and physical appearance conform to the current, accepted style.Rate it:
sleep aroundTo have numerous sexual partners.Rate it:
sleep inTo sleep late; to go on sleeping past one's customary or planned hour.Rate it:
sleep like a babyTo sleep very well, especially peacefullyRate it:
sleep like a logTo sleep heavily, long and without disturbance.Rate it:
sleep onTo consider after a period of sleep, implying a decision will be made the next day.Rate it:
sleep on itTo postpone a decision until the following day to avoid making a hasty choice.Rate it:
sleep roughTo sleep outdoors, without a place to go home to.Rate it:
sleep togetherTo be intimate with another person in the same bed.Rate it:
sleep togetherTo have sex with.Rate it:
sleep under the same bridgea critique of a law where circumstances are ignored.Rate it:
sleep under the same bridgeTo be formally, but not actually, equal under the law.Rate it:
sleep withTo share a bed or bedroom with.Rate it:
sleep withTo have sexual intercourse with.Rate it:
sleep with the fishesTo be killed and have one's body disposed off in the sea or other body of water.Rate it:
sleeping at the switchVariant form of asleep at the switch.Rate it:
sleeping giantSomeone or something with great, latent strength.Rate it:
sleeping policemanA speed bump.Rate it:
sleepy headA very tired person.Rate it:
sleeves from one's vestSomething non-existent; something of no value or cost.Rate it:
slim chanceLittle or no likelihood of occurrence or success.Rate it:
sling offTo criticise or mockRate it:
sling off the bluesIt is not uncommon for individuals to become discouraged, down in the dumps, and want to throw in the towel.Rate it:
sling one's hookTo leave.Rate it:
slip byto pass without having been taken advantage of.Rate it:
slip byto go unnoticedRate it:
slip her cablesRelease, loose, disconnect mooring lines,cables securing a vessel to a harbor buoy.Rate it:
slip intoTo put on some clothes rapidly.Rate it:
slip into something a little more comfortableTo wear something suitable to be stripped off by a lover.Rate it:
slip into something more comfortableTo wear something suitable to be stripped off by a lover.Rate it:
slip of the penA mistake in handwriting.Rate it:
slip of the tongueA mistake in speech.Rate it:
slip onshoe type; to try outRate it:
slip someone's mindTo be forgotten; to escape one's memory.Rate it:
slip through the cracksTo escape notice or lack sufficient attention.Rate it:
slip under the radarTo go unnoticed, especially for a long period of time.Rate it:

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