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sibling fuckerMotherfucker (generic term of abuse).Rate it:
sibling fuckerUsed other than as an idiom: see sibling, fucker.Rate it:
sick and tiredbored to the point of wearinessRate it:
sick and tiredannoyed or frustrated with something or someone, to the point of losing one's temper or patience.Rate it:
sick and tiredAn expression of the weary, depressed, shocked, disillusioned, disappointed, oppressed, overworked.Rate it:
sick as a dogVery ill.Rate it:
sick as a parrotextremely sick; very ill.Rate it:
sick as a parrotVery disappointed; miserable.Rate it:
sick jokeA joke which is in poor taste, especially one which depicts as amusing a situation which the listener considers to be tragic or disgusting.Rate it:
sick listA list of people who are illRate it:
sick manA weak member of a peer group, especially the weakest.Rate it:
sick noteA note from a doctor certifying the patient is ill, and therefore unable to go to work, school etc.Rate it:
sick noteSomeone who dodges work because of sickness, implying they are faking it.Rate it:
sick puppyIn a morbid or gruesome way.Rate it:
side effectAn unintended consequence of any action in addition to the intended consequence of that action.Rate it:
side effectAn adverse effect, an unintended consequence of a drug or therapy; usually not a beneficial effect.Rate it:
side effectA change in state caused by a function call (typically "side-effect").Rate it:
side issueAn issue or topic which is not of direct significance to a primary concern.Rate it:
side wallUsed other than as an idiom: see side, wall.Rate it:
side wallEither of the two parallel walls in a racquetball or squash court, perpendicular to the front wall; either of the walls on the side of the court.Rate it:
sideways glanceA silent, somewhat disapproving look from someone with body language to boot, which causes one to be somewhat uncomfortable and a bit in wonderment.Rate it:
sigh of reliefA reassurance or support, something that reduces stress from an arduous activity.Rate it:
sigh of reliefA release of stress through breathing motions.Rate it:
sight for sore eyesA pleasing sight, something that is beautiful to look at.Rate it:
sight to beholdSomething amazing or spectacularRate it:
sight unseenNot having seen the object beforehand.Rate it:
sign inIn order to get into the office after hours, you'll have to sign in at the security desk.Rate it:
sign inTo sign one's name on a list when entering somewhere.Rate it:
sign inTo take some action to access a secured program or web page on a computer; to log in.Rate it:
sign of the timesA symbol of an era; a zeitgeist.Rate it:
sign offTerm used to describe the closing of a radio or television station's studios and cessation of a broadcasting signal, usually during the overnight hours.Rate it:
sign onregister as unemployedRate it:
sign onThe time of day when a radio or television station begins broadcasting, usually after being off the air for several hours.Rate it:
sign on the dotted lineTo formalize an agreement.Rate it:
signet ringjewellery itemRate it:
significance levelUsed other than as an idiom: see significance, level.Rate it:
significance levelA measure of how likely it is to draw a false conclusion in a statistical test, when the results are really just random variations.Rate it:
significance levelThe probability, usually expressed as a percentage, of making a decision to reject the null hypothesis when the null hypothesis is actually true; the probability of making a type 1 error).Rate it:
silence is goldenPeace and quiet have immense value.Often the best choice is to say nothing.Rate it:
silky smoothExtremely smoothRate it:
silly moneySum of money.Rate it:
silly seasonA period of time, as during a holiday season or a political campaign, in which the behavior of an individual or group tends to become uncharacteristically frivolous, mirthful, or eccentric.Rate it:
silly seasonA period, usually during the summertime, when news media tend to place increased emphasis on reporting light-hearted, offbeat, or bizarre stories.Rate it:
silver bulletA bullet made of silver, usually with reference to the folkloric belief that such bullets are the only weapons which can kill a werewolf.Rate it:
silver bulletA cocktail somewhat like a martini.Rate it:
silver bulletAny straightforward solution perceived to have great effectiveness or bring miraculous results.Rate it:
silver foilUsed other than as an idiom: see silver, foil.Rate it:
silver foilaluminium foilRate it:
silver screenBy extension, the movies or that related to movies or cinema.Rate it:
silver screenThe cinema screen onto which movies are projected.Rate it:

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