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shoo-inA candidate or contestant generally agreed upon as the presumptive winner; somebody who is well-liked or widely agreed upon.Rate it:
shook ya droorsa trick, a quick move around an unexpected opponent, or person to gain ground.Rate it:
shoot 'em upA short story, novel, television show, film, computer game, or other narrative which depicts considerable gunplay.Rate it:
shoot downTo shoot , so that the one shot goes down.Rate it:
shoot downTo the point of preclusion.Rate it:
shoot first and ask questions laterTo act boldly.Rate it:
shoot first and ask questions laterTo take action with serious consequences without delay, preserving the benefit of surprise by not providing indication of one's intent.Rate it:
shoot me downTo deprecate, demean, vilify, condemn an individual.Rate it:
shoot off at the mouthDon't let [presidential press secretary Ron] Ziegler shoot off at the mouth without our knowledge.Rate it:
shoot off at the mouthTo boast, or brag, or talk too much.Rate it:
shoot off at the mouthTo disclose some information that was supposed to be secret.Rate it:
shoot one's boltTo use up one's resources, especially a singular one or one not readily restored.Rate it:
shoot one's loadTo ejaculate; to cum.Rate it:
shoot one's mouth offTo make reckless or exaggerated statements.Rate it:
shoot one's wadTo ejaculate.Rate it:
shoot one's wadTo spend all of one's money.Rate it:
shoot one's wadTo expend all of one's resources or efforts; to express all the arguments or ideas which one has.Rate it:
shoot oneself in the footTo act against one's own interests, e.g., by saying what one is really thinking.Rate it:
shoot oneself in the footTo deliberately sabotage an activity in order to avoid obligation, though it causes personal suffering. Origins in first world war trench warfare.Rate it:
shoot the bootsTo kick swiftly and violently, especially in the groin.Rate it:
shoot the breezeTo chat idly or generally waste time talking.Rate it:
shoot the bullTo chinwag; to talk idly.Rate it:
shoot the bullExtraneous, Trivial, Contrived, Unimportant, possibly sprinkled with absurdity, lies, mebbe 'gossip', et al:Rate it:
shoot the messengerTo blame a problem on whoever reported it; to hold somebody accountable a problem because he/she brought attention to it.Rate it:
shoot the moonTo achieve the lowest score possible, such that the player is usually rewarded with bonus points.Rate it:
shoot the moonTo attain great heights, a high value, or a numerically high measurement.Rate it:
shoot the moonTo hit the moon, with a rocket or by other means.Rate it:
shoot the moonTo take a risk which may result in great rewards; to succeed after taking such a risk.Rate it:
shoot the moon!Gambler's expression prior to throwing the 'dice':Rate it:
shoot the shitTo chat casually; to gossip.Rate it:
shoot throughUsed other than as an idiom: see shoot, through.Rate it:
shoot throughTo leave.Rate it:
shoot through like a bondi tramTo leave in haste.Rate it:
shoot upUsed other than as an idiom. To shoot upwards.Rate it:
shoot upTo grow taller rapidly.Rate it:
shoot upTo fire many bullets at.Rate it:
shoot upor (transitive) To inject (a drug) intravenously.Rate it:
Shooting BlanksInnocuous Veiled Remark to the point; Husband Has Yet To Father any Children.Rate it:
shooting ironA firearm, especially a handgun.Rate it:
shop stewardunion officialRate it:
shore upTo strengthen, reinforce, or consolidate.Rate it:
short and sweetA direct and brief communication.Rate it:
short and sweetEfficiently brief in duration, especially when referring to an unpleasant task.Rate it:
short back and sidesman's haircutRate it:
short circuitelectrical faultRate it:
short codeA number of fewer digits than a telephone number, used as an abbreviated telephone number for use only when dialing from a cellular phone.Rate it:
short codeUsed other than as an idiom: see short, code.Rate it:
short cutquicker routeRate it:
short end of the stickA situation, opportunity, or outcome which is less favorable than situations, opportunities, or outcomes experienced by or available to others.Rate it:
short fuseThe personality trait of being quick to anger.Rate it:

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