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shark baitA lone swimmer or surfer far from shore, a shark baiter.Rate it:
shark baiterUsed other than as an idiom: see shark, baiter.Rate it:
shark baiterA lone swimmer or surfer far from shore; shark bait.Rate it:
sharp as a tackVery intelligent.Rate it:
sharp cookieOne who is intelligent, bright, or sharp; especially, one who can identify attempts to deceive or mislead.Rate it:
sharp tongueThe practice or characteristic of speaking to others in a harsh, critical, or insulting manner.Rate it:
shave and a haircutUsed other than as an idiom: see shave, haircut.Rate it:
shave and a haircutA 7-note riff played at the end of a song for comic effect.Rate it:
she came in from the cold with her bold, brazen, out-spoken, take on the world positive attitude.Speaking her mind, daring to take on/face challenges, speaking up and speaking out, not staying shut to anyone, ready/willing to face whatever life/anyone dishes out to her.Rate it:
she is appleThis is used to register that everything is in good there is no need to be ill-at-easyRate it:
she would rip a dog off a gut wagonA gut wagon was a horse drawn wagon that was used for collecting butcher's scraps for further processing. The wagons were often followed by determined and persistent dogs intent on eating the contents of the wagon. It took a great deal of effort to keep these dogs away from or off the wagon. A person's appearance ugly or objectionable enough to discourage or scare the dogs from the gut wagon would be ugly indeed.Rate it:
she'll be applesEverything will be all right.Rate it:
she'll be rightOK, no problem, everything will be all right.Rate it:
she's a real fucktressShe acts elegant, but intentionally brings ruin to those unsuspecting minions that worship her.Rate it:
shed a tearTo have a tear released, to cry (due to sadness)Rate it:
shed light uponIlluminate to the understanding; make intelligible; clarify or explain (something unknown).Rate it:
shell outTo pay money; especially, to pay a great deal of money.Rate it:
shell outTo use a program's "shell escape" function to execute an unrelated command or to invoke a subsidiary, interactive shell.Rate it:
shell shockUsed other than as an idiom: see shell, shock.Rate it:
shell shockA stunning shock.Rate it:
shell shockA psychiatric condition characterized by fatigue caused by battle.Rate it:
shell shockA person with the condition.Rate it:
shell shockTo stun or debilitate as by a shock.Rate it:
shes a knockoutShe is pulchritudinous, and attractive, stunning, pretty, pleasant appearing, gorgeous, glamorous,Rate it:
shift gearsTo change pace or mode of operation.Rate it:
shift gearsTo change the gear by which motion is transmitted from a powered shaft to another shaft, especially in a motor vehicle.Rate it:
shimmy on downTo go somewhere.Rate it:
ship itUsed to indicate that a product is ready for general release.Rate it:
ships that pass in the nightTwo or more people who encounter one another in a transitory, incidental manner and whose relationship is without lasting significance; two or more people who almost encounter one another, but do not do so.Rate it:
ships that pass in the nightThings which have no significant connection or commonality.Rate it:
shirtlessNot wearing a shirt. Having a bare torso.Rate it:
shirtlessVery poor.Rate it:
shit a brickTo react strongly or excessively, especially in anger or fear.Rate it:
shit factoryAn infant, especially one who defecates a lot.Rate it:
shit happensBad things happen, and there is nothing we can do about it.Rate it:
shit one's pantsTo be extremely frightened.Rate it:
shit one's pantsTo involuntarily defecate into one's pants or other clothing.Rate it:
shit oneselfTo soil oneself.Rate it:
shit or get off the potTo choose between taking action now, or foregoing the opportunity until a later date.Rate it:
shit out of luckWhen one has attempted to gain something, either tangible or not, and the attempt failed, either through denial, missed opportunity, etc.Rate it:
shit out of luckCompletely out of luck; in unfortunate circumstances such that all options for achieving one's goal are exhausted; unlucky; screwed.Rate it:
shit staina stupid or despicable person.Rate it:
shit the bedUsed other than as an idiom: see shit, bed.Rate it:
shit the bedTo fail.Rate it:
shit yourself!Admonition; "Don't Shit Yourself' . . . 'Don't! . . . . kid/deceive/fail/fool/disappoint. . . . . YOURSELF!,Rate it:
shit-eating grinA broad smile indicating self-awareness that may suggest self-satisfaction, smugness, discomfort, or embarrassment.Rate it:
shitstormA violent situation.Rate it:
shitstormConsiderable backlash from the public.Rate it:
shittin in high cottonLiving well, often above one's meansRate it:
shitting planksExperiencing fear.Rate it:

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