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settle someone's hashTo physically or verbally subdue someone.Rate it:
settle uponTo decide something over other options.Rate it:
sewer ratUsed other than as an idiom: A rat that lives in sewers.Rate it:
sewer ratbrown rat (Rattus norvegicus)Rate it:
sewer ratA very contemptible personRate it:
sex machineAny machine that is used for sexual pleasure.Rate it:
sex machineSomeone with considerable sexual prowess.Rate it:
sex on a stickA person or persons considered to be very sexually attractive.Rate it:
sex on legsA person or persons considered to be very sexually attractive.Rate it:
sex talkFlirtatious conversation, used as foreplay or for seduction.Rate it:
sex upTo arouse somebody sexually.Rate it:
sex upTo enhance in terms of fashionable appeal.Rate it:
sex upTo make more palatable or acceptable to the general public; to improve the image or perception.Rate it:
sex upTo make more sexually attractive.Rate it:
sex upTo take part in sexual acts with.Rate it:
sex, drugs and rock 'n' rollIndulgent and pleasurable activities.Rate it:
sex, lies and videotapeThe controversy surrounding a political scandal.Rate it:
sexual congressIntercourse.Rate it:
sexual congressLoose translation of the title of Aristophanes' play Ecclesiazousae, more literally translated as Assemblywomen.Rate it:
sexual enjoymentSexual intercourse that produces physical and psychological pleasure.Rate it:
sexual minorityLGBT people; those outside of the mainstream of accepted sexual expression or orientation in a given cultureRate it:
sexual relationBehaviour of a sexual nature between one or more individuals.Rate it:
sexual tensionPhysically induced libidinal unrest arising between two individuals when aware of each other's presence.Rate it:
shack upTo live together, especially of an unmarried couple.Rate it:
shacked upSimple past tense and past participle of shack up.Rate it:
shady, back-alley dealsUncompromising, dishonest, irregular, illegal agreements, plots, arrangements, scenarios.Rate it:
shake a legTo get busy; to get going; to be productive.Rate it:
shake a leggat a move onRate it:
shake hands with the unemployedTo urinate.Rate it:
shake hands with the unemployedTo masturbate.Rate it:
shake on itTo agree; to close a deal.Rate it:
shake the pagoda treeTo find a source of easy enrichment; to become absurdly rich in a short time.Rate it:
shaky timesThe expression reflects negative influences of many categories, including financing, government interference and changes in the firm's leadership.Rate it:
shaky timesThe expression reflects negative influences of many categories, including financing, government interference and changes in a firm's leadership.Rate it:
sham AbrahamTo pretend sickness or insanity. {{First attested in the late 18 century.}}Rate it:
sham AbramAlternative form of sham Abraham. [First attested in the late 18 century.]Rate it:
shame, shameI condemn the subject of this speech; Expression of admonishment or disgust at the subject of a speech.Rate it:
shank-nagTo travel on foot.Rate it:
shanks' mareOne's own legs used for walking; to "travel by shanks' mare" or "ride on shanks' mare" is to walk to your destination.Rate it:
shanks' nagTransportation by foot. To "take a shanks' nag" means using one's own legs to walk.Rate it:
shanks' ponyTransportation by foot.Rate it:
shape upTo improve; to correct one's bad habits or behavior.Rate it:
shape upTo take shape; to transform into or become.Rate it:
shape up or ship outTo either improve one's behavior or else be required to leave; to either improve one's performance in an activity or else withdraw from that activity completely.Rate it:
shape-up!shape-up!Rate it:
share and share alikeFor members of a group, equal portions of or equal access to tangible or intangible goods, entitlements, or obligations-i.e., each person's share like each of the other shares.Rate it:
share and share alikeEqual rights to or equal portions of profits, assets, bequests, or other valuable items legally owed to investors, partners, beneficiaries, or other named associates.Rate it:
share and share alikeTo divide possessions, benefits, or obligations equally among members of a group.Rate it:
shark baitUsed other than as an idiom: see shark, bait.Rate it:
shark baitOne who has been or is likely to be attacked by a shark.Rate it:

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