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serves you rightYou got what you deservedRate it:
set a spellTo sit down for a period of time, especially in the company of other people and in order to relax or to engage in casual conversation.Rate it:
set apartTo select (something or someone) for a specific purpose.Rate it:
set apartTo distinguish, make obvious the distinction between (two things) or of (something).Rate it:
set apartUsed other than as an idiom: to separate or isolate.Rate it:
set asideTo declare something invalid or null and void.Rate it:
set asideTo disagree with something and reject or overturn it.Rate it:
set asideTo separate and reserve something for a specific purpose.Rate it:
set backTo cost money, as.Rate it:
set backTo delay or obstruct.Rate it:
set backTo remove from or allow distance.Rate it:
set by the earsTo make (a person or persons) argue; to set quarrelling.Rate it:
set downSimple sum of parts set + down, to place, especially on the ground or a surface; to cease carrying.Rate it:
set downTo write.Rate it:
set eyes onTo see; to observe.Rate it:
set footTo go to a place , or to be there.Rate it:
set for lifePossessing sufficient resources, especially financial, to last a lifetime.Rate it:
set inbecome establishedRate it:
set in motionto trigger movement, to get goingRate it:
set in one's waysDriven by habit; inclined or determined to continue according to one's custom or established preferences.Rate it:
set in stonePermanent; certain; firm.Rate it:
set of pipesA wind instrument incorporating multiple pipes, such as a panpipe or bagpipe.Rate it:
set of pipesVoice for singing.Rate it:
set of wheelscarRate it:
set offTo begin; to cause; to initiate.Rate it:
set offTo cause to explode.Rate it:
set offTo count an addition in one thing against a reduction in something else.Rate it:
set offTo leave; to begin a journey or trip.Rate it:
set oncause to attackRate it:
set one's cap at. Or, more generally, to choose something as a goal.Rate it:
set one's heart onTo desire with intensity and commitment.Rate it:
set one's shoulder to the wheelTo start hard work; to begin to toil.Rate it:
set pulses racingTo excite, thrillRate it:
set saildepartRate it:
set straightTo correct; to make right or true.Rate it:
set the barTo set specific standards or expectations.Rate it:
set the stageTo prepare; to establish the basis or required conditions.Rate it:
set the thames on fireTo achieve something amazing; to do something which brings great public acclaim.Rate it:
set the wheels in motionto initiate a chain of events necessary to help one achieve a goal (more quickly)Rate it:
set the world on firehave sensational successRate it:
set tobegin workRate it:
set to workTo begin working at.Rate it:
set to workTo begin working.Rate it:
set to workTo cause to begin working.Rate it:
set up shopTo establish a business.Rate it:
set up shopTo physically arrange a shop or workplace.Rate it:
setting offbeginning a journeyRate it:
settle forTo accept or allow something, especially something not entirely desirable.Rate it:
settle inTo get comfortable or established, as in a new place.Rate it:
settle onTo make a decision or selection; to decide.Rate it:

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