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sellTo be sold.Rate it:
sellTo pretend that an opponent's blows or maneuvers are causing legitimate injury; to act.Rate it:
sellTo promote a particular viewpoint; to manipulate towards a desired end.Rate it:
sellTo trick, or cheat someone.Rate it:
sell a bargainA species of wit, much in vogue about the latter end of the reign of Queen Anne, and frequently alluded to by Dean Swift, who says the maids of honour often amused themselves with it. It consisted in the seller naming his or her hinder parts, in answer to the question, What? which the buyer was artfully led to ask. As a specimen, take the following instance: A lady would come into a room full of company, apparently frightened, crying out "It is white, and follows me!" As soon as someone responded "What?" she sold him the bargain, by saying "Mine arse".Rate it:
sell down the riverTo betray, especially in a manner which causes serious difficulty for the one betrayed.Rate it:
sell ice to eskimosTo persuade people to go against their best interests or to accept something unnecessary or preposterous.Rate it:
sell like hot cakesTo sell fast.Rate it:
sell one's bodyTo work as a prostitute.Rate it:
sell one's soulTo abandon one's spiritual values or moral principles for wealth or other benefits.Rate it:
sell outTo abandon one's supporters or principles to seek profit or other personal advantage.Rate it:
sell outTo sell all of a product that is in stock.Rate it:
sell someone a bill of goodsTo deceive or cheat someone.Rate it:
sell wolf ticketsTo make empty threats or promises; to bluff.Rate it:
sell-by dateThe final date on which a perishable product can be legally sold to the public.Rate it:
sell-by dateUsed to indicate that something, or someone, is old and out of date.Rate it:
seller's marketAn excess of demand over supply, leading to abnormally high prices; a market condition favoring the seller.Rate it:
selling pointThe property or characteristic of a good that most attracts purchasers.Rate it:
semi detached housetype of buildingRate it:
send awayTo dismiss from one's presence.Rate it:
send awayTo send to a particular place for a long time, as a family member, an employee, etc.Rate it:
send away forTo write to a business or other organisation, requesting a thing.Rate it:
send offdismiss from playRate it:
send shivers down someone's spineTo terrify; to make someone feel extremely nervous.Rate it:
send somebody packingTo expel or eject somebody; to chase off or force out.Rate it:
send someone packingTo expel, eject, or dismiss someone; to send away, chase off, or force out.Rate it:
send someone to the showersTo remove a player from a particular team competition before the conclusion of the event, especially because that player's contribution on this occasion has been below his or her expected level of performance.Rate it:
send someone to the showersTo remove or expel someone from a job, position, or activity, especially because of poor behavior or performance.Rate it:
send to coventryTo ostracize, or systematically ignore someone.Rate it:
send upTo be put in prison.Rate it:
send upTo imitate someone or something for the purpose of satirical humour.Rate it:
send upTo make prices or temperatures etc. rise.Rate it:
send upparodyRate it:
send wordTo give notification; to inform, especially through a message.Rate it:
senior noteA bond that takes priority over other debt securities sold by the issuer. In the event the issuer goes bankrupt, senior debt must be repaid before other creditors receive any payment.Rate it:
sense of craftaptitude for craftsmanship.Rate it:
sent him home to his mamaGot a divorce.Rate it:
sent to coventryOstracised, ignored.Rate it:
separate the wheat from the chaffTo select only that which is of value.Rate it:
serial killermurdererRate it:
serpentineHaving the shape or form of a snake.Rate it:
serpentineOf, or having attributes associated with, the mythological serpent, such as craftiness or deceitfulness.Rate it:
serpentineOf, pertaining to, or characteristic of snakes.Rate it:
serpentineSinuous; curving in alternate directions.Rate it:
serve somebody rightTo happen to someone who is thought to deserve it.Rate it:
serve someone rightUsed other than as an idiom: see serve, right.Rate it:
serve someone rightTo happen to someone who is thought to deserve it.Rate it:
serve timeTo be in prison or a similar institute.Rate it:
serve upTo perform an actRate it:
serve upThis term needs a definition. Please help out and add a definition, then remove the text {{rfdef}}.Rate it:

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