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sweet toothA liking for foods that are sweet; a weakness for sweets.Rate it:
sweet williamflowerRate it:
sweet young thingAn attractive young woman.Rate it:
sweet young thingA sweet young woman.Rate it:
sweeten the potTo increase a wager.Rate it:
sweeten the potTo make something more desirable.Rate it:
sweeten upTo make sweet to the taste.Rate it:
sweetheart dealA transaction, contract, or other agreement in which one party provides particularly favorable terms to the other, especially in suspicious circumstances.Rate it:
sweetness and lightThat which is good, pure, pleasant, etc.Rate it:
swell upTo become swollenRate it:
swim like a bricknot able to swimRate it:
swim like a fishTo be a very strong swimmer.Rate it:
swim upstreamTo opt for a difficult course of action when a simpler or safer alternative is available; to make an unwise decision against sound advice.Rate it:
swim with sharksTo operate among dangerous people.Rate it:
swim with sharksTo take a huge risk.Rate it:
swim with the sharksflirt with dangerRate it:
swing both waysTo be bisexualRate it:
swing for the fencesTo act in a way that might generate a very good result, but which also has a large chance of failing.Rate it:
swing for the fencesTo swing at the ball as hard as possible, with the aim of getting a home run, increasing the chance of missing the ball.Rate it:
swing of thingsThe normal flow and rhythm of daily life or of activities in a specific field.Rate it:
swing stateA state which may vote Democratic or Republican, in a given election or generally; a purple state.Rate it:
swing the leadTo pretend to be unwell so that you do not have to work.Rate it:
swing the leadmalingerRate it:
swing-upTrainman reaches for a grab-bar on a boxcar and swings-up onto the footrail:Rate it:
swings and roundaboutsOffsetting gains and losses.Rate it:
Swiss bank accountUsed other than as an idiom: see Swiss, bank account.Rate it:
Swiss bank accountAny place considered safe or secure to put things in.Rate it:
swiss rollcakeRate it:
switch offTo turn a switch to the "off" position in order to stop or disable a device.Rate it:
switch offTo lose interest, and start thinking about something else.Rate it:
switch offTo alternate between; to trade.Rate it:
switch onTo turn a switch to the "on" position in order to start or enable a device.Rate it:
switch onTo change one's expression or appearance as if by turning a switch.Rate it:
switch-hitterA person who can bat either as a right-hander or a left-hander.Rate it:
switch-hitterA person who engages in sex with persons both male and female.Rate it:
SwitchStandA Normally Padlocked Manually-operated, Switch-point Arrangement At the Point Of a Sidetrack, Entry to A Yard, Commercial Warehouse, Shipping Terminal et al to enable shunting Entire Trains, Railcars, Rail Equipment from Mainline, or SpecLine, to Location/ Other:Rate it:
sword and sandalOf or pertaining to a genre of books or films relating fantasy-adventure tales involving heroic exploits in ancient or biblical times.Rate it:
sword and sorceryOf or pertaining to a genre of narratives—including short stories, novels, television shows, films, and computer games—which combines wizardry and other fantastical supernatural elements with violent combat using medieval weaponry..Rate it:
swot up onTo study particularly hard to learn a subject quickly.Rate it:
syphon the pythonTo urinate.Rate it:

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