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sauce for the gooseA short form of what's sauce for the goose is sauce for the ganderRate it:
sausage rollparty snackRate it:
save by the bellIn a boxing or wrestling match or similar competition, to ring the bell which concludes the round and thereby to prevent a competitor who has been knocked down from being counted out by the referee.Rate it:
save by the bellTo rescue or favorably assist (someone) by means of a timely interruption or the sudden termination of difficult circumstances.Rate it:
save faceTo take an action or make a gesture intended to preserve one's reputation or honour.Rate it:
save itA response given when a person believes that another person is lying or making excuses.Rate it:
save one's breathTo refrain from speech.Rate it:
save oneselfTo refrain from having sex until one meets a suitable person to date or betroth or marryRate it:
save someone's baconTo save someone's life.Rate it:
save someone's skinTo save someone's life.Rate it:
save someone's skinto prevent an undesirable occurrenceRate it:
save the dayTo rescue the situation.Rate it:
saved by the bellIn a boxing or wrestling match or similar competition, spared from being counted out by the referee by the ringing of the bell which concludes the round.Rate it:
saved by the bellRescued or favorably assisted by a timely interruption or by the sudden termination of difficult circumstances.Rate it:
saw woodTo snore loudly.Rate it:
sawdust trailThe route followed by an itinerant Christian preacher in the United States.Rate it:
sawdust trailThe path to spiritual redemption or salvation, especially as involving attendance at Christian revival meetings presided over by itinerant preachers in the United States.Rate it:
say again"What did you say?" or "Repeat what you have said." A polite formula used when one has not heard or understood what has been said.Rate it:
say cheeseUsed imperatively to elicit a smile from someone for a photograph by their saying "cheese" (the vowel of which, when pronounced as is usual in English, forces a somewhat smile-shaped mouth).Rate it:
say goodbyeTo separate from someone.Rate it:
say goodbyeTo wish someone farewell upon their leaving.Rate it:
say graceTo recite a prayer of invocation or thanksgiving at meal time.Rate it:
say soauthoritative decisionRate it:
say sopower of decisionRate it:
say uncleTo indicate submission, such as when wrestling; to ask for mercy.Rate it:
say whatWhat did you say?; Huh?; expresses incredulity.Rate it:
scandal sheetA tabloid newspaper containing gossip and sensational news stories pertaining especially to well-known people.Rate it:
scare out of one's witsTo frighten someone to such an extent that they behave irrationally.Rate it:
scare somebody to deathTo frighten someone very much.Rate it:
scare storyA rumour spread by a scaremonger in order to cause anxiety.Rate it:
scare straightTo frighten (someone) to such a degree that a significant improvement in behavior results.Rate it:
scare the bejeebers out ofTo thoroughly terrify.Rate it:
scare the pants off ofTo scare or startle thoroughly.Rate it:
scared as hellVery scared.Rate it:
scared shitlessVery scared, terrified.Rate it:
scared to deathExtremely frightened.Rate it:
scarf downTo eat something quickly.Rate it:
school of hard knocksAn education consisting of real-world experiences, especially harsh experiences.Rate it:
schoolboy errorA fundamental, simple mistake.Rate it:
scientia potentia estKnowledge is Power; with knowledge or education, one's potential or abilities in life will certainly increase.Rate it:
scissorbillAnd railroad term for someone who refused to join the union or who openly colluded with management to thwart the union.Rate it:
scissorbillSomeone considered contemptible or foolish.Rate it:
scissorbillThe black skimmer bird native to the Atlantic states, USA.Rate it:
scope outTo examine; to scout; to investigate; to check out.Rate it:
score offTo defeat (especially in an argument), get the better of, achieve a success over, gain an advantage or win points over, make a point to the detriment or at the expense of, make appear foolish. Sometimes with particle on (someone).Rate it:
score offTo delete or remove (especially from a list); to score out, strike out or strike off, cross out or cross off; to draw a line through.Rate it:
score offUsed other than as an idiom: see score, off. To score from.Rate it:
scotch broththick soupRate it:
scotch mistfine rainRate it:
scrape alongto barely be able to surviveRate it:

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