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show upTo make visible; to expose.Rate it:
show upTo outperform or one-up, often in an arrogant manner.Rate it:
shower of shitUsed other than as an idiom: see shower, shit.Rate it:
shower of shitA mass of something.Rate it:
shower of shitAn individual or group.Rate it:
showstopperA performance or segment of a theatrical production that induces a positive reaction strong enough to pause the production.Rate it:
showstopperAny impediment that prevents all further progress.Rate it:
shrink backTo back away or retreat; to abandon an effort.Rate it:
shrinking violetA very shy person, who avoids contact with others if avoidable.Rate it:
shroudA covered place used as a retreat or shelter, as a cave or den; also, a vault or crypt.Rate it:
shroudA rope or cable serving to support the mast sideways.Rate it:
shroudEspecially, the dress for the dead; a winding sheet.Rate it:
shroudOne of the two annular plates at the periphery of a water wheel, which form the sides of the buckets; a shroud plate.Rate it:
shroudSee also Wikipedia article on Shroud.Rate it:
shroudThat which clothes, covers, conceals, or protects; a garment.Rate it:
shroudThat which covers or shelters like a shroud.Rate it:
shroudThe branching top of a tree; foliage.Rate it:
shroudedConcealed or hidden from sight, as if by a shroud.Rate it:
shroudedWearing, or provided with a shroud.Rate it:
shrouded in mysteryobscureRate it:
shrug offTo ignore or disregard; to be indifferent.Rate it:
shuffleA rhythm commonly used in blues music. Consists of a series of triplet notes with the middle note missing, so that it sounds like a long note followed by a short note. Sounds like a walker dragging one foot.Rate it:
shuffleAn instance of walking without lifting one's feet.Rate it:
shuffleThe act of shuffling cards.Rate it:
shuffleTo get lost in the shuffle: to lack attention when you deserve it.Rate it:
shuffle off this mortal coilTo die; to divest oneself of one's mortal body.Rate it:
shushA nice way of saying shut up, be quiet, lower your voice, keep your mouth shut.Rate it:
shut downTo close, terminate, or end.Rate it:
shut downTo turn off or stop.Rate it:
shut into lock inRate it:
shut into completely surround, encloseRate it:
shut one's faceTo stop talking; to be quiet.Rate it:
shut one's mouthTo stop talking; to be quiet.Rate it:
shut the door onTo refuse to consider, remember, accept, or engage in.Rate it:
shut the hell upIndicating disbelief.Rate it:
shut the hell upShut up intensified by "the hell".Rate it:
shut upimprisonRate it:
shy away from somethingTo avoid certain locations, events, people, foods, etc.Rate it:
shy bairns get noot(Geordie) Alternative spelling of shy bairns get nowt.Rate it:
shy bairns get nowtIf you're too shy, or don't ask, you will not get what you want.A' forgot te ask hor for me money back!Wye, shy bairns get nowtRate it:
shy bladderAn inability to urinate in the presence of others.Rate it:
sibling fuckerMotherfucker (generic term of abuse).Rate it:
sibling fuckerUsed other than as an idiom: see sibling, fucker.Rate it:
sick and tiredbored to the point of wearinessRate it:
sick and tiredannoyed or frustrated with something or someone, to the point of losing one's temper or patience.Rate it:
sick and tiredAn expression of the weary, depressed, shocked, disillusioned, disappointed, oppressed, overworked.Rate it:
sick as a dogVery ill.Rate it:
sick as a parrotextremely sick; very ill.Rate it:
sick as a parrotVery disappointed; miserable.Rate it:
sick jokeA joke which is in poor taste, especially one which depicts as amusing a situation which the listener considers to be tragic or disgusting.Rate it:

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