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short hairsPubic hair.Rate it:
short leashForcing one to function within a strict set of rules, or under great scrutiny or oversight.Rate it:
short ofExcept; without resorting to; up to the point of.Rate it:
short ofInsufficiently equipped with.Rate it:
short ofLess than.Rate it:
short of a lengthOf a ball that pitches short of a good length; a ball that bounces closer to the bowler than the area of the pitch regarded as the best for dismissing or restricting the scoring of the batsman.Rate it:
short on looksPlain, unattractive.Rate it:
short reckonings make long friendsborrowed money should be paid back as soon as possibleRate it:
short sightedmyopicRate it:
short sleeved shirtitem of clothingRate it:
short strokesBare essentials.Rate it:
short strokesThe final steps of an undertaking, especially one which has been lengthy or laborious.Rate it:
short temperThe personality trait of being quick to anger.Rate it:
shot across the bowA warning that negative consequences will be faced if something is carried out or allowed to continue.Rate it:
shot in the armA shot of drug in the arm, to get on a high.Rate it:
shot in the armA stimulus.Rate it:
shot in the darkA guess, attempt, or choice made with little or no evidence or knowledge.Rate it:
shot with a shovelseverly admonished, castigated.Rate it:
shotgunTo claim the front seat in a car.Rate it:
shotgunA gun which fires loads consisting of small metal balls, called shot, from a cartridge.Rate it:
shotgunA one-story dwelling with no hallways or corridors, with the rooms arranged in a straight line. Mostly heard in the southern United States.Rate it:
shotgunA play formation in which the quarterback is a few feet behind the snapper when the ball is hiked, ideally allowing for an easier pass play.Rate it:
shotgunThe front passenger seat in a vehicle, next to the driver.Rate it:
shotgun approachAn approach in which the subject is indiscriminate and haphazard, using breadth, spread, or quantity in lieu of accuracy, planning, etc.Rate it:
shotgun shackA house with no internal barrier between the front and back doors.Rate it:
shotgun weddingA wedding in which the bride is already pregnant.Rate it:
shoulder the burdento help with a task or difficulty; be sb's responsibilityRate it:
shoulder to cry onSomeone offering emotional support to another in distress.Rate it:
shout from the rooftopsTo announce eagerly and widely; to proclaim.Rate it:
shove it up your assAn exclamation of extreme anger, disgust, hatred; often accompanied by an obscene gesture.Rate it:
shove it up your assUsed other than as an idiom.Rate it:
shove offTo leaveRate it:
show a clean pair of heelsto run away quickly; to make an escape quickly; to outpaceRate it:
show a legTo wake up and get out of bed. (Used mostly in the imperative).Rate it:
show ankleTo provide a hint or to reveal partial information in order to gain attention or arouse interest.Rate it:
show offTo exhibit; to demonstrate one's skill, talent, etc. for its own sake.Rate it:
show offwhen you think you are the best you SHOW OFF to others by repeating every time 'I am the best' without knowing others' opinion for you.Rate it:
show one's buttTo misbehave.Rate it:
show one's cardsTo reveal something known to oneself but previously concealed from others.Rate it:
show one's faceTo appear publicly.Rate it:
show one's true colorsTo reveal how one really is, as opposed to how one has been portrayed.Rate it:
show one's true stripesTo reveal one's real beliefs, sentiments, or character, especially through one's behavior.Rate it:
show somebody the doorTo dismiss or reject; to exclude someone who was formerly included.Rate it:
show somebody the doorTo escort someone to the exit of the premises; to expel someone from a room, gathering, etc.Rate it:
show someone the doorTo escort someone to the exit of the premises; to expel someone from a room, gathering, etc.Rate it:
show someone the doorTo dismiss or reject; to exclude someone who was formerly included.Rate it:
show the flagOf a naval vessel or military force, to identify itself by displaying the flag of its country of origin, especially in order to establish an authoritative presence and to exert diplomatic or political influence.Rate it:
show the flagTo display the flag of one's country, especially as an expression of patriotic pride.Rate it:
show the flagTo represent one's country or some other group in a manner intended to suggest the authority or importance of that country or group.Rate it:
show upTo appear, arrive, or attend, especially suddenly or erratically.Rate it:

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