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rub downto rub, e.g. for cleaning, stripping paint or massageRate it:
rub elbowsTo associate closely; to socialize, consort, or mingle.Rate it:
rub inTo apply by rubbing.Rate it:
rub inTo irritatingly make a point.Rate it:
rub it inTo add insult to injury; to emphasize one's strengths or another's weaknesses in a manner that degrades another.Rate it:
rub offTo cause to come off by rubbingRate it:
rub offTo clean by rubbing.Rate it:
rub offto be transferred with little or no effortRate it:
rub off onTo adapt to a way of behaving after constant exposure to it.Rate it:
rub outdelete, eraseRate it:
rub outBy rubbing.Rate it:
rub outTo kill.Rate it:
rub salt in someone's woundsTo make a painful situation even worse (even with the best of intentions).Rate it:
rub salt in the woundTo make an injury feel worse.Rate it:
rub shouldersTo associate closely; to socialize or mingle.Rate it:
rub somebody the wrong wayTo bother, disturb, irritate, or annoy.Rate it:
rub someone the wrong wayTo bother, disturb, irritate, or annoy.Rate it:
rub the wrong wayTo annoy someone without intending to.Rate it:
rub up againstTo touch something with one's body.Rate it:
rub up againstTo touch another person with one's body in a sexually stimulating manner.Rate it:
rub up againstOf pets. To touch a person's body in a friendly manner, seeking attention.Rate it:
rub up the wrong wayTo annoy or anger someoneRate it:
rubber johnnycondomRate it:
rubber jungleIn a commercial passenger airliner, the dense, forest-like profusion of suspended tubes, straps, bags, and masks which results when large numbers of oxygen masks are deployed.Rate it:
rubber roomA cell used for confinement of a mentally disturbed person.Rate it:
rubber roomEspecially in New York City, a temporary workplace assigned to a teacher who is not permitted to teach in a classroom because he or she is under disciplinary review.Rate it:
rubber-chicken dinnerA formal dinner or event thrown by politicians to raise funds.Rate it:
rubbish dumptipRate it:
rubbish in, rubbish outAlternative form of garbage in, garbage out.Rate it:
ruby slippersvaluable feature (of software etc) overlooked by the userRate it:
rue the dayto seriously regret one's actions.Rate it:
ruffle some feathersTo disturb; to arouse resentment, anger, or concern.Rate it:
ruffle someone's feathersTo unease, cause discomfort to someoneRate it:
rugby leaguesportRate it:
rule inTo consider (something) as a possible option among others.Rate it:
rule of thumbA general guideline, rather than a strict rule; an approximate measure or means of reckoning based on experience or common knowledge.Rate it:
rule OKTo be popularly accepted, or supported by the general majority of people.Rate it:
rule outTo cross an item out by drawing a straight line through it, as with a ruler.Rate it:
rule outTo reject an option from a list of possibilities.Rate it:
rule outTo make something impossible.Rate it:
rule overto be a ruler of, to command.Rate it:
rule the roostTo be the controlling member(s) of a family, organization, or other group.Rate it:
rule the schoolTo substantially control a school administratively, financially, or to control a school's curriculum.Rate it:
rule the school(of one or a group of students) To socially dominate a school's student population, or a major part of it (such as the girls or the boys).Rate it:
rule with an iron fistTo rule with absolute authority or to the detriment of the people. To rule tyrannically.Rate it:
rules are made to be brokenit is acceptable to break rules.Rate it:
rules okTo be popularly accepted, or supported by the general majority of people.Rate it:
rum goAn odd affair; a surprising event; a confusing experience; a queer thing.Rate it:
rumor campaignA method of persuasion in which damaging rumors or innuendo are deliberately spread concerning a person or other target, while the source of the rumors tries to avoid detection.Rate it:
rumor millA group or network of persons who originate or promulgate gossip and other unsubstantiated claims.Rate it:

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