Found 633 phrases starting with R:

rabbitrabbit holerabbit hole
rabble rouserrace against timerace out of the tra…
race queenracing carrack and ruin
rack offrack offrack one's brain
rack uprack uprack up
rack uprag baggerrag bagger
rag dollrag the puckrag the puck
rag-chewingrags to richesrain cats and dogs
rain checkrain checkrain cheque
rain chequerain dogs and catsrain down
rain downrain offrain on one's parade
rain on someone's p…rain or shinerain pitchforks
rained cats and dogsraining cats and do…rainy day
raise a handraise a handraise a stink
raise cainraise cainraise cain
raise eyebrowsraise eyebrowsraise eyebrows
raise hellraise one's handraise one's hand
raise somebody's ha…raise someone's hac…raise the bar
raise the curtainraise the flag and …raise the roof
raise the roofraise the spectreraise the stakes
raise the stakesraised by wolvesrake
rakerake it inrake off
rake offrake overrake over old coals
rake over the coalsrake togetherrake up
raking in the doughrally aroundrally round
ramp upramp upramp up
ran as fast as a ch…random numberrandom number
random numberrandom numberrank and file
rank and fileraring to gorat race
rat runrat run/runningrat run/running
rat runningrattle offrattle one's cage
rattle someone's ca…rattle throughraw deal
ray of lightray of lightrazor edge
razor strappedrazor-sharprazor-sharp
re runreach a critical ma…reach an early grave
reach an early gravereach an early gravereach for the stars
reach-aroundreach-aroundread between the li…
read like a bookread lipsread me out!
read my lipsread outread out
read somebody the r…read somebody's lipsread someone the ri…
read someone's lipsread someone's lipsread someone's mind
read to filth (or) …ready upreal deal
real jobreal jobreal job
real macoyreal mccoyreal mckoy
real men don't eat …real superheroreal superhero
real timereal timereality check
reality checkreap the harvestreap what one sows
rearrange the deck …reasonable personreasonable person
rebajasrebound relationshiprebrousser chemin
recent memoryreckon forreckon on
reckon onreckon uponreckon upon
reckon withreckon withreckon with
reckon withoutrecord playerred admiral
red as a beetrootRed Baronred cabbage
red cardred dogred dog
red dogred face testred flag
red herringred herringred hot
red inkred letter dayred light
red lightred lightred man
red manred meatred meat
red mistred mistred rag
red riderred statered tape
red-facedred-handedredeem oneself
rediscover fireredolentredolent
redolentreduce to rubblereef knot
reel inreel inreel off
reel offreflect onreflect on
reflect onreflect uponrefrigerator mother
rein inrein inreinvent the wheel
rely onrely onremain to be seen
remains to be seenrenovate your liferent out
reserved left hand …respice finemrest assured
rest his soulrest on one's laure…return to form
return to formreturn to one's mut…rev up
reveal the secretrevenge is a dish b…rex-pat
rhyme offrhyme or reasonrib-tickler
rice chaserrice queenrich as Croesus
rickle o' banesrickle o' banesrid out
rid upridden hard and put…ride down
ride downride downride herd on
ride one's luckride outride roughshod over
ride shotgunride shotgunride shotgun
ride someone's assride tall in the sa…ride tall in the sa…
ride the coattailsride the pineride the rails
ride the short busride the short busride the wave
ride with the punch…rig outrig out
rig outright as a trivetright as rain
right as rainright as rainright away
right backright mindedright on
right on the moneyright to liferight to life
right to liferight to workright to work
right to workright up your alley:rim job
ring a bellring aroundring back
ring backring falsering hollow
ring inring offring off the hook
ring one's bellring outring out
ring roundring someone's bellring true
ring upring upringside seat
ringside seatrip and roarrip into
rip offrip offrip off
rip offrip onrip to shreds
rip to shredsrip uprip up
rip uprip uprip-off merchant
rip-snorting madripen uprise and shine
rise from the ashesrise uprise up
rise upriverboat queenrivet counter
roach coachroad appleroad hog
road hogroad movieroad to damascus
road to damascusroadwarriorroadwarrior
rob peter to pay pa…rob the cradlerob the cradle
robber baronrobber baronrock bottom
rock houndrock onrock on
rock out with one's…rock salmonrock solid
rock solidrock the boatrock the house
rock uprock uprocket science
rocket sciencerocket scientistrocket scientist
rocket uprocking horserocking horse shit
rocking-horse shitrod for one's backroger that
roger thatrogues' galleryrogues' gallery
roll aroundroll aroundroll around
roll aroundroll back the yearsroll down the windo…
roll in one's graveroll in one's graveroll in the aisles
roll in wealthroll off the tongueroll one's eyes
roll outroll outroll out the red ca…
roll the diceroll the pillroll up one's sleev…
rolling in doughrolling in itrolling in it
rolling pinrolling stonerollover
roman candlerome wasn't built i…romp home
romper suitroom-temperature IQroot around
root causeroot forroot up
ropableropableroped into it
rose gardenrose gardenrose-colored glasses
rose-colored glassesrose-colouredrose-coloured
roses are redrotary dialrotary dial
rotary dialrotation timerotation time
rough and readyrough around the ed…rough out
rough sleddingrough sleeperrough trot
rough uprough uproughen up
round downround of applauseround off
round offround offround out
round tableround tableround table
round the bendround the clockround up
round uprounduprow back
royal bumpsroyal flushRSN
rub downrub elbowsrub in
rub inrub it inrub off
rub offrub offrub off on
rub outrub outrub out
rub salt in someone…rub salt in the wou…rub shoulders
rub somebody the wr…rub someone the wro…rub the wrong way
rub up againstrub up againstrub up against
rub up the wrong wayrubber johnnyrubber jungle
rubber roomrubber roomrubber-chicken dinn…
rubbish dumprubbish in, rubbish…ruby slippers
rue the dayruffle some feathersruffle someone's fe…
rugby leaguerule inrule of thumb
rule OKrule outrule out
rule outrule overrule the roost
rule the schoolrule the schoolrule with an iron f…
rules are made to b…rules okrum go
rumor campaignrumor millrumple up
run a bathrun a milerun a red light
run a red lightrun a red lightrun a red light
run a red lightrun aboutrun across
run acrossrun afoul ofrun afoul of
run afterrun afterrun along
run amokrun aroundrun around after
run around like a c…run around withrun away
run awayrun awayrun away with
run away withrun backrun back
run byrun byrun circles around
run counterrun downrun down
run downrun downrun down
run downrun downrun down the clock
run forrun for officerun for one's money
run for one's moneyrun for the hillsrun for the roses
run for the rosesrun for the rosesrun hot and cold
run inrun inrun in
run in the familyrun intorun into
run intorun intorun into
run intorun into the groundrun into the ground
run into the groundrun like a toprun of play
run offrun offrun off
run offrun offrun off
run offrun off withrun off with
run onrun onrun on
run on emptyrun on fumesrun on fumes
run one's courserun oneself raggedrun out
run out of steamrun out of townrun out on
run out the clockrun overrun over
run overrun overrun over
run overrun overrun over
run pastrun rampantrun rings around
run riotrun riotrun roit
run roughshod overrun scaredrun somebody ragged
run something byrun something pastrun something up th…
run the clock downrun the gamutrun the gauntlet
run the gauntletrun the showrun through
run throughrun throughrun through
run throughrun throughrun to
run torun uprun up
run uprun uprun up against
run wildrun withrun with
run with scissorsrun with the hare a…run-of-the-mill
runaboutrunner uprunning around in c…
running on emptyrunning out of timerunning target
running targetrunning targetrush hour
rush hourrush outrush out
Russian barRussian barRussian roulette
rustle uprye seedrye seed

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