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rose-colouredCheerfully optimistic.Rate it:
rose-colouredHaving a pink colour.Rate it:
roses are redThe start of a generic poem about love.Rate it:
rotary dialUsed other than as an idiom: see rotary, dial.Rate it:
rotary dialA telephone with a rotary dial to indicate the number to be called.Rate it:
rotary dialActivated by rotating the numeric dial instead of activating push buttons.Rate it:
rotation timeThe time allowed to elapse between successive occurrences of a stand of trees being logged.Rate it:
rotation timeUsed other than as an idiom: see rotation, time.Rate it:
rough and readyCrude or unpolished, but still fit for use; good enough.Rate it:
rough around the edgesIn need of refinement; unsophisticated.Rate it:
rough outto produce (a plan, diagram etc.) in roughRate it:
rough sleddingA difficult period of time.Rate it:
rough sleeperA homeless person.Rate it:
rough trotA series of difficult circumstances.Rate it:
rough upTo manhandle or beat up.Rate it:
rough upTo make rough, to roughen.Rate it:
roughen upto make something rough or rougherRate it:
round downTo the greatest integer that is not greater than it, or to some other lower value, especially a whole number of hundreds, thousands, etc.Rate it:
round of applauseAn outburst of clapping among a group or audience. Often asked for by the Master of Ceremonies at a concert or other performance.Rate it:
round offTo change the shape of an object to make it more circular.Rate it:
round offTo change a number into an approximation having fewer significant digits.Rate it:
round offTo complete or finish something.Rate it:
round outTo make more complete by adding details.Rate it:
round tableA conference at which participants of similar status discuss and exchange viewsRate it:
round tableA television show segment in which pundits or reporters discuss current events.Rate it:
round tableUsed other than as an idiom: see round, table.Rate it:
round the bendCrazy, mad or insane.Rate it:
round the clockNonstop, 24 hours per day.Rate it:
round upTogether.Rate it:
round upTo the smallest integer that is not less than it, or to some other greater value, especially a whole number of hundreds, thousands, etc.Rate it:
roundupCowboy Poetry for any action involving 'rounding-up', 'driving-in', 'penning', animals for many reasons.Rate it:
row backTo slightly change a previous opinion about something, or what was said.Rate it:
royal bumpsA ritual of two or more persons holding another person by the arms and legs, face up, while bumping them repeatedly on the floor. In modern times it is a lighthearted affair, generally performed only on a young person's birthday with the number of bumps corresponding to the person's age in years. Historically it was a hazing.Rate it:
royal flushpoker handRate it:
RSNReal soon now; describing something that will be available in the near future, but often skeptically. Frequently used to mean "Whenever", "Soon, possibly never" or "don't hold your breath".Rate it:
rub downto rub, e.g. for cleaning, stripping paint or massageRate it:
rub elbowsTo associate closely; to socialize, consort, or mingle.Rate it:
rub inTo apply by rubbing.Rate it:
rub inTo irritatingly make a point.Rate it:
rub it inTo add insult to injury; to emphasize one's strengths or another's weaknesses in a manner that degrades another.Rate it:
rub offTo cause to come off by rubbingRate it:
rub offTo clean by rubbing.Rate it:
rub offto be transferred with little or no effortRate it:
rub off onTo adapt to a way of behaving after constant exposure to it.Rate it:
rub outdelete, eraseRate it:
rub outBy rubbing.Rate it:
rub outTo kill.Rate it:
rub salt in someone's woundsTo make a painful situation even worse (even with the best of intentions).Rate it:
rub salt in the woundTo make an injury feel worse.Rate it:
rub shouldersTo associate closely; to socialize or mingle.Rate it:

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