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rip offTo pull off by ripping.Rate it:
rip offTo steal, cheat or swindle.Rate it:
rip offTo copy, especially illegally.Rate it:
rip offTo charge an exorbitant or unfair rate.Rate it:
rip onto mock, ridiculeRate it:
rip to shredsTo rip up, so that only shreds remain.Rate it:
rip to shredsTo severely devalue, to refute.Rate it:
rip uptear into piecesRate it:
rip uptear into small piecesRate it:
rip uptear to piecesRate it:
rip uptear apartRate it:
rip-off merchantone who charges excessively high prices for a product.Rate it:
rip-snorting madextremely angryRate it:
ripen upto ripen; become ripeRate it:
rise and shineUsed to wish someone happiness upon waking upRate it:
rise from the ashesTo make a comeback after a long hiatus. To come back into common use or practice. To come back into popularity. To come back to being a thing of today.Rate it:
rise upTo rebel.Rate it:
rise upTo rise to the surface.Rate it:
rise upTo rear.Rate it:
riverboat queena large paddle steamer operating on the Mississippi river.Rate it:
rivet counterA person who has an obsession with the minutae of their particular interest. Anyone preoccupied with small distinguishing features between different items.Rate it:
roach coachWhimsically, a catering or food truck.Rate it:
road appleHorse manure, especially when deposited on a road.Rate it:
road hogaggressive driverRate it:
road hogselfish driverRate it:
road movieA film in which much of the action takes place during a journey, especially one involving overland travel.Rate it:
road to damascusA road to Damascus moment, or change, is an important point in someone's life where a great change, or reversal, of ideas or beliefs occurs.Rate it:
road to damascusThat was my Road to Damascus moment. They played one hit after another and this is the song I remember most clearly.Rate it:
roadwarriorA person who carries a mobile device such as a laptop or PDA and uses wireless internet connections to work.Rate it:
roadwarriorAlternative spelling of road warrior.Rate it:
rob peter to pay paulTo solve a problem in a way that makes another problem worse.Rate it:
rob the cradleTo marry or become romantically involved with a much younger person.Rate it:
rob the cradleTo use a young person for a purpose inappropriate to his or her age.Rate it:
robber baronEspecially in the 19th-century and early 20th-century, a business tycoon who had great wealth and influence but whose methods were morally questionable.Rate it:
robber baronIn Europe, an aristocrat who charged exorbitant fees or otherwise exacted money from people who journeyed across land or waterways which he controlled.Rate it:
rock bottomThe very lowest possible level.Rate it:
rock houndA person who collects rocks and minerals from the natural environment as a hobby.Rate it:
rock onAn expression of celebration.Rate it:
rock onTo party to rock music.Rate it:
rock out with one's cock outTo enjoy oneself immensely, to partyRate it:
rock salmonhussRate it:
rock solidPhysically very solid; very difficult to moveRate it:
rock solidVery dependableRate it:
rock the boatTo disturb the status quo or go against rules or conventions, as in an effort to get attention.Rate it:
rock the houseTo jam at a concert, get down.Rate it:
rock upTo work one's way vertically up a chimney or cleft using a rocking movement.Rate it:
rock upTo turn up to a place or function unexpectedly, or without notice or prior warning.Rate it:
rocket scienceAnything overly complex, detailed or confusing.Rate it:
rocket scienceThe science or study of rockets and their design.Rate it:
rocket scientistOne specializing in the science or study of rockets and their design.Rate it:

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