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ride tall in the saddleTo act or conduct oneself in a manner that is imposing, impressive, resolute, or manly.Rate it:
ride tall in the saddleTo ride a horse in an erect, imposing manner.Rate it:
ride the coattailsTo succeed by virtue of association (with)Rate it:
ride the pineTo sit on the bench, to not be used in a game.Rate it:
ride the railsTo travel by railway train, trolley, etc.Rate it:
ride the short busTo have a need for a special education program, as because learning disabled.Rate it:
ride the short busTo participate in a special education program, such as for those with learning disabilities.Rate it:
ride the waveTo take advantage of a profitable period.Rate it:
ride with the punchesTo deflect the force of an opponent's punches by moving the body adroitlyRate it:
rig outto provide with equipment or gearRate it:
rig outTo dress; to clothe, especially in an odd or fanciful manner.Rate it:
rig outto expel the holder of an office or other position by means of rigging the election.Rate it:
right as a trivetin perfect state.Rate it:
right as rainCorrect; factually accurate.Rate it:
right as rainVery good; healthy.Rate it:
right as rainright as rain expresses the truism. rain is from nature and a higher power, so therefore it has to be right because nature and the creator are never wrong!Rate it:
right awayVery soon; quickly; immediately.Rate it:
right backUsed in several informal constructions to indicate return -- especially imminent return to a point of origin.Rate it:
right mindedsaneRate it:
right onAn expression of enthusiasm or encouragement.Rate it:
right on the moneyExact; precise; exactly right.Rate it:
right to lifeUsed other than as an idiom: see right, life.Rate it:
right to lifeThe right of a human being to the continuation of his or her life.Rate it:
right to lifeThe moral or legal entitlement of an unborn child to be born, and not have its birth prevented through an abortion or other medical procedure.Rate it:
right to workUsed other than as an idiom: see right, work.Rate it:
right to workThe human right (the right of an individual) to have gainful employment.Rate it:
right to workThe prohibition of union security agreements or closed shops; the prohibition of the requirement that those who take on work in a unionised shop join the union or pay it for representing them.Rate it:
right up your alley:Flying is certainly right UP your alley:Rate it:
rim jobAnilingus; act where one person licks the other's anus.Rate it:
ring a bellTo seem at least vaguely familiar.Rate it:
ring aroundTo call a number of people by phone, usually a circle of friends, to organise something.Rate it:
ring backTo return a phone call.Rate it:
ring backTo make another phone call to the same person.Rate it:
ring falseTo seem to be incorrect, or implausible.Rate it:
ring hollowTo seem to be false or implausible; to be unconvincing.Rate it:
ring inTo make a phone call to one's usual place of work.Rate it:
ring offTo finish a telephone conversation and disconnect.Rate it:
ring off the hookOf a telephone, to ring constantly or excessively.Rate it:
ring one's bellTo strike or bump one's own head with a strong blow, especially with concussive force.Rate it:
ring outTo sound very loudly.Rate it:
ring outTo make a phone call from an internal phone system to a general telephone network number.Rate it:
ring roundTo call a number of people by phone, usually a circle of friends, to organise something.Rate it:
ring someone's bellTo physically traumatize someone with a strong blow, especially a concussive blow to the head.Rate it:
ring trueTo seem to be correct, or plausibleRate it:
ring upTo telephone, to call on the telephone.Rate it:
ring upTo enter a payment into a cash register, or till in a shop.Rate it:
ringside seatA seat in the front row of a boxing or wrestling match.Rate it:
ringside seatAny vantage point providing an excellent view.Rate it:
rip and roarReact With Violent Body Language As Well As Strong Verbal Rejection, "Booo!"Rate it:
rip intoTo attack or criticise.Rate it:

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