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reel offTo list effortlessly and quickly.Rate it:
reel offTo produce (e.g. a performance), in an effortless manner.Rate it:
reflect onTo think carefully about something, and give it due consideration.Rate it:
reflect onAt run-time using reflection.Rate it:
reflect onTo give an impression of .Rate it:
reflect uponTo reflect on.Rate it:
refrigerator motherAn emotionally frigid mother, who does not exhibit normal care or love for her child or children.Rate it:
rein inTo stop or slow a horse by pulling the reins.Rate it:
rein inTo stop or slow something, by exercising control.Rate it:
reinvent the wheelTo redo work unnecessarily when it has already been done satisfactorily; to rethink an already working system, technique, etc. in a pointless attempt to improve it.Rate it:
rely onTo be confident in.Rate it:
rely onTo be dependent upon.Rate it:
remain to be seenTo have not yet happened; to be as yet unknown.Rate it:
remains to be seenIs not yet known.Rate it:
renovate your lifeA chiding, an expression relative to fostering change, institute a renaissance in one's life.Rate it:
rent outto lease, let (a property)Rate it:
reserved left hand seatleft seat on any airplane is reserved for the senior pilot {captain} or owner of aircraft'Rate it:
respice finemlook to the end; consider the final outcomeRate it:
rest assuredBe sure; no need to worry; trust.Rate it:
rest his soulUsed parenthetically to mark the referent as being deceased.Rate it:
rest on one's laurelsTo rely on a past success instead of trying to improve oneself further.Rate it:
return to formA return to a former, brilliant state.Rate it:
return to formTo go back to a better, original state.Rate it:
return to one's muttonsto get back to the business at hand.Rate it:
rev upTo increase the speed of an engine, especially that of a stationary motor car.Rate it:
reveal the secretTo explain a secret in public or to someoneRate it:
revenge is a dish best served coldAn expression that emotional detachment is ideal when taking revenge, as one is righting the wrongs that have been done to the doer.Rate it:
rex-patA repeat expatriate, one who becomes ex-patriated a second time.Rate it:
rhyme offTo list or recite quickly.Rate it:
rhyme or reasonLogic. Common sense.Rate it:
rib-ticklera humorous joke.Rate it:
rice chaserA white person with a strong inclination and attraction toward Asian men or women.Rate it:
rice queenA non-Asian man who is mostly attracted to East Asian men.Rate it:
rich as CroesusVery wealthy.Rate it:
rickle o' banesAn emaciated person or animal.Rate it:
rickle o' banesrickle o' banesRate it:
rid outto clear out, emptyRate it:
rid upto empty, clear outRate it:
ridden hard and put away wetMistreated; not properly cared for.Rate it:
ride downto cause (a horse) to fall when riding.Rate it:
ride downto catch or catch up with (someone) by chasing on horsebackRate it:
ride downTo bear down, as on a halyard when hoisting a sail.Rate it:
ride herd onTo supervise a group of people, such as workers, and/or their actions, i.e. their work.Rate it:
ride one's luckTo avoid failure only by good fortune.Rate it:
ride outTo tackle a difficult problem and survive.Rate it:
ride roughshod overTo act in a bullying or inconsiderate manner; to display disregard towards someone or something.Rate it:
ride shotgunTo assist and protect.Rate it:
ride shotgunTo ride in the front passenger seat of a vehicle, next to the driver.Rate it:
ride shotgunProbably arose in early-20th-century Western fiction and movies to describe an employee armed with a rifle or shotgun riding next to a stagecoach driver for protection.Rate it:
ride someone's assto find fault with someone, to constantly criticiseRate it:

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