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recent memoryWhat is commonly remembered by most people, especially in terms of recent historical developments.Rate it:
reckon forTo answer for; to pay the account for.Rate it:
reckon onTo count on or depend on.Rate it:
reckon onTo plan on; to expect.Rate it:
reckon uponTo count upon or depend upon.Rate it:
reckon uponTo plan upon; to expect.Rate it:
reckon withTo settle accounts with or to settle claims with.Rate it:
reckon withTo deal with.Rate it:
reckon withTo take into account.Rate it:
reckon withoutTo ignore that which cannot readily be ignored.Rate it:
record playergramophoneRate it:
red admiralbutterflyRate it:
red as a beetrootAn expression used when someone's face turns a bright red colour, often through embarrassment. Also used in the comparative form: "Your face was redder than a beetroot".Rate it:
Red BaronA hotshot fighter pilot; an ace fighter pilot.Rate it:
red cabbagevegetableRate it:
red cardreferee's itemRate it:
red dogUsed other than as an idiom: see red, dog.Rate it:
red dogA blitz.Rate it:
red dogTo blitz.Rate it:
red face testA hypothetical test of a person's embarrassment, that is either passed or failed. Saying one passes the red face test means one would not blush and thus would not be embarrassed by disclosing something to others or doing something, and saying one fails the red face test means a situation would cause them discernible embarrassment.Rate it:
red flagA cue, warning, or alert; a sign or signal that something is wrong.Rate it:
red herringA clue that is misleading or that has been falsified, intended to divert attention.Rate it:
red herringA smoke-cured herring.Rate it:
red hotto be keen; he is the favourite to winRate it:
red inkA euphemism for financial loss.Rate it:
red letter dayUsually very positive, sometimes very negative.Rate it:
red lightA sign of a brothel.Rate it:
red lightA warning light, especially as a traffic signal indicating ‘stop’..Rate it:
red lightDenial to proceed. Ruling out of any possibility.Rate it:
red manUsed other than as an idiom: see red, man.Rate it:
red manAn American Indian, a Native American.Rate it:
red meatMeats such as beef that are dark red in colour when uncooked.Rate it:
red meatFresh, inspiring, or inflammatory topics or information.Rate it:
red mistAnger sufficient to cloud judgement, to stop clear thinking.Rate it:
red mistUncontrollable rage.Rate it:
red ragprovocationRate it:
red rideranother name for "War", one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.Rate it:
red stateA state of the United States voting Republican in a given election, or tending to vote Republican in general.Rate it:
red tapeA derisive term for regulations or bureaucratic procedures that are considered excessive or excessively time- and effort-consuming.Rate it:
red-facedUsed other than as an idiom. Having a face that is the color red.Rate it:
red-handedIn the act of wrongdoing.Rate it:
redeem oneselfto resolve, or make up for, one's previous folly.Rate it:
rediscover fireTo relearn fundamental concepts, principles or practices that had been previously well known and widely practiced at a prior time in human society.Rate it:
redolentFragrant or aromatic; having a sweet scent.Rate it:
redolentHaving the smell of.Rate it:
redolentSuggestive or reminiscent.Rate it:
reduce to rubbleto completely destroy, to raze to the groundRate it:
reef knotfasteningRate it:
reel into bring (a fish etc.) out of the water by winding the reel.Rate it:
reel into bring in (e.g. by attractive offers or persuasion)Rate it:

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