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run alongTo leave.Rate it:
run amokTo go on a rampage; to be in an uncontrollable rage.Rate it:
run aroundTo be very busy doing many different things.Rate it:
run around afterTo spend a lot of time doing things for another person or group of people. Often used when that person could reasonably do the things for themselves.Rate it:
run around like a chicken with its head cut offTo act in a haphazard or aimless way; to act frantically or without control.Rate it:
run around withTo spend a lot of time with a person or group of people. Often used to talk about a person's group of friends that one does not like much.Rate it:
run awayTo flee by running.Rate it:
run awayTo leave home, or other place of residence, usually unannounced, or to make good on a threat, with such action usually performed by a child or juvenile.Rate it:
run awayescapeRate it:
run away withTo leave secretly with another person. Usually with the intention of getting married or of living together against the wishes of the family.Rate it:
run away withTo be misled by imagining that one's desires can come true.Rate it:
run backTo take someone home by car. Give someone a lift to their house.Rate it:
run backTo rewind a film or cassette.Rate it:
run byTo inform someone briefly of the main points of an idea.Rate it:
run byTo repeat some information.Rate it:
run circles aroundTo outperform by a great margin.Rate it:
run counterTo defy or oppose something, especially an expectation, custom, or social standard.Rate it:
run downTo hit someone with a car or other vehicle and injure or kill them.Rate it:
run downTo criticize someone or an organisation, often unfairly.Rate it:
run downTo find something or someone after searching for a long time.Rate it:
run downTo lose power slowly. Used for a machine, battery, or other powered device.Rate it:
run downTo read quickly a list or other short text.Rate it:
run downTo reduce the size or stock levels of a business, often with a view to closure.Rate it:
run downderelictRate it:
run down the clockTo waste time at the end of a match such that it is terminated by running out of time, or during a match so a time penalty is made less severe.Rate it:
run forTo try to obtain political position through the democratic voting process.Rate it:
run for officeTo seek political power.Rate it:
run for one's moneyA difficult challenge for the person indicated, especially one involving a competitive situation.Rate it:
run for one's moneyA reasonable opportunity to succeed, perform acceptably, or escape harm, especially in a difficult situation.Rate it:
run for the hillsFlee.Rate it:
run for the rosesA college football game or series of games played with the ultimate goal of qualifying for the championship Rose Bowl game.Rate it:
run for the rosesA hard-fought competition or demanding challenge of any kind.Rate it:
run for the rosesNickname for the Kentucky Derby horse race.Rate it:
run hot and coldTo alternate between two opposite extremes, such as enthusiasm and disinterest or success and failure.Rate it:
run inAlternative spelling of run-in.Rate it:
run inarrestRate it:
run inargumentRate it:
run in the familyTo be a characteristic feature that is observed in several generations of a family.Rate it:
run intoTo enter by running.Rate it:
run intoTo collide with.Rate it:
run intoTo cause to collide with.Rate it:
run intoTo blend into; to be followed by or adjacent to without there being a clear boundary.Rate it:
run intoTo cause to blend into.Rate it:
run intoTo reach a large figure.Rate it:
run into the groundTo discuss ad nauseam.Rate it:
run into the groundTo mismanage to the point of ruin.Rate it:
run into the groundTo wear out, especially through excessive use.Rate it:
run like a topTo operate flawlessly and smoothly.Rate it:
run of playA passage of play; a series of consecutive moments, considered as a whole.Rate it:
run offTo flee or depart quickly.Rate it:

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