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rabbitCaught like a rabbit in the headlights.Rate it:
rabbit holeUsed other than as an idiom: see rabbit, hole. (The entrance to) a rabbit warren or burrow.Rate it:
rabbit holeA way into a bizarre world.Rate it:
rabble rouserSomeone or something that tends to inspire mobs; something controversial or provocative.Rate it:
race against timeA situation in which something must be done hurriedly, by a deadline.Rate it:
race out of the trapsTo start something very quickly.Rate it:
race queenA glamorous model, part of the pit crew in Japanese motor racing.Rate it:
racing carfast vehicleRate it:
rack and ruinComplete destructionRate it:
rack offUsed other than as an idiom: see rack, off.Rate it:
rack offTo go away; to sod off.Rate it:
rack one's brainTo struggle to think of or remember something.Rate it:
rack upto arrange in a rackRate it:
rack upto gain (points etc.; in a game or sport)Rate it:
rack upto acquire, to gather together.Rate it:
rack upto defeat severely, to thrashRate it:
rag baggerA sailboat, usually a cruising sailboats which tend to carry and store lots of supplies along the deck, or any sailboat that looks like a neglected vessel, or messy vessel.Rate it:
rag baggerA sailor who tends to sail on messy cruising vessels.Rate it:
rag dollsoft toyRate it:
rag the puckTo proceed slowly at any activity in order to use up time; to stall for time.Rate it:
rag the puckTo retain possession of the puck by skillful skating and stickhandling without attempting to score, as a deliberate tactic intended to use up time.Rate it:
rag-chewingA phrase used by morse code operators for a longer than usual conversation, generally a conversation extending about 30 minutes.Rate it:
rags to richesIn a biographical context, from poverty to exceptional wealth.Rate it:
rain cats and dogsTo rain very heavily.Rate it:
rain checkIn social interactions, a polite way to turn down an invitation, with the implication one is simply postponing it and that another time would be acceptable.Rate it:
rain checkTo provide a service at a later date.Rate it:
rain chequeAny postponement, especially of an offer.Rate it:
rain chequeAny voucher or note issued by a store to allow a customer to get a special or sale price later if an item is out of stock.Rate it:
rain dogs and catsTo rain very heavily.Rate it:
rain downto fall from the sky, as rainRate it:
rain downto appear inexplicablyRate it:
rain offto cancel (an event) due to excessive rainRate it:
rain on one's paradeTo spoil someone's celebration.Rate it:
rain on someone's paradeTo disappoint or discourage someone.Rate it:
rain or shineRegardless of what the circumstances are, and how the weather is.Rate it:
rain pitchforksTo rain heavily.Rate it:
rained cats and dogspouredRate it:
raining cats and dogsRaining heavilyRate it:
rainy dayA difficult period of need, when things do not go right.Rate it:
raise a handTo raise one's arm and hand.Rate it:
raise a handTo volunteer.Rate it:
raise a stinkTo complain; to demand attention or remedy for a problem.Rate it:
raise cainThe children tend to 'raise cain' if they can't play ball after supper.Rate it:
raise cainTo behave in a disruptive manner.Rate it:
raise cainTo cause trouble.Rate it:
raise eyebrowsUsed other than as an idiom: see raise, eyebrows.Rate it:
raise eyebrowsTo cause surprise.Rate it:
raise eyebrowsTo cause mild disapproval.Rate it:
raise hellTo cause a great disturbance.Rate it:
raise one's handTo dare to question.Rate it:

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