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peachy keenExtremely good, exactly right; all right. Often used in the negative or with an ironic or sarcastic connotation to mean the opposite.Rate it:
peacock bluecolourRate it:
peanut galleryAny source of heckling, unwelcome commentary or criticism, especially from a know-it-all or of an inexpert nature.Rate it:
pearl of wisdomA succinct, insightful saying, piece of advice, or moral precept.Rate it:
pearl-clutchingTimid, sanctimonious, or easily offended.Rate it:
pearly whitesTeeth.Rate it:
peashooterA toy gun, consisting of a tube through which peas or small objects are blown.Rate it:
peashooterAny small or ineffective gun.Rate it:
pedal pusherscalf-length trousersRate it:
pee offEuphemistic variant of piss off.Rate it:
pee one's pantsto wet oneself, to urinate in one's clothes when they're being worn.Rate it:
peed offSimple past tense and past participle of pee off.Rate it:
peel a grapeScore One!, Do Something Special, Contrive A Winner, Stand An Egg On End.Rate it:
peel grapesTo perform a menial task, eliminating trivial inconveniences.Rate it:
peel outTo start abruptly from a standing stop, accelerating rapidly, especially so as to produce skid marks.Rate it:
peep pixelsTo scrutinize a magnified digital photograph carefully in order to make a technical assessment of resolution and image quality.Rate it:
peg downTo fasten something to the ground using pegs.Rate it:
peg downTo identify clearly.Rate it:
peg itTo run away; to leg it; to scarper.Rate it:
pelt of the dogAn immoderate, excessive quantity of alcohol drunk the morning after whilst suffering withdrawal symptoms or a hangover, which goes beyond alleviating the complaint to causing drunkenness; cf. hair of the dog.Rate it:
pen nameauthor's pseudonymRate it:
pen namenom de plumeRate it:
penalty boxThat is assessed after an infraction.Rate it:
penalty boxThe penalty area.Rate it:
pencil into fill in using pencilRate it:
pencil into provisionally scheduleRate it:
pencil pusherOne who does routine office work; someone involved mainly in paperwork.Rate it:
pencil skirtclothing itemRate it:
pencil whipTo approve a document without actually knowing or reviewing what it is that is being approved.Rate it:
pencil-neckA person with a very thin neck.Rate it:
pencil-neckAn insubstantial person; a weakling.Rate it:
pencil-neckedHaving a very thin neck.Rate it:
pencil-neckedInsubstantial; weak.Rate it:
pencilneckA person with a very thin neck.Rate it:
pencilneckAn insubstantial person; a weakling.Rate it:
pendre la cr%c3%a9maill%c3%a8reTo have a housewarming party.Rate it:
penguin suitA tuxedo.Rate it:
penny blackold stampRate it:
penny for your thoughtsUsed to inquire into the thoughts and feelings of another, especially when the person appears pensive or conflicted.Rate it:
penny in the fuseboxAn improvised repair made with no regard for safety.Rate it:
penny pincherOne who spends little money; one who is very frugal or cautious with money.Rate it:
penny weddingA wedding at which the guests contribute payments to help cover the cost of the event and to benefit the newly-married couple.Rate it:
penny wise and pound foolishPrudent and thrifty with small amounts of money, but wasteful and profligate with large amounts.Rate it:
people personSomeone who is happier or more skilled at dealing with people rather than things or concepts.Rate it:
people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stonesDo not criticize others if you have weaknesses yourself.Rate it:
people's republicA self-designation of states with Marxist-Leninist governments.Rate it:
people's republicA particular area with strong left-leaning tendencies, especially one with a certain level of autonomyRate it:
people's republicUsed other than as an idiom: see people, 's, republic.Rate it:
pep upTo make stronger or more interesting.Rate it:
per seby or in itselfRate it:

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