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paperA written document, generally shorter than a book , in particular one written for the Government.Rate it:
paperMoney.Rate it:
paperWallpaper.Rate it:
paperWrapping paper.Rate it:
paper flowerUsed other than as an idiom: see paper, flower.Rate it:
paper flowerA plant, Bougainvillea glabra, and its flower head, so called for the papery bracts.Rate it:
paper flowerA plant, the peach-leaved bellflower, Campanula persicifolia, and its flower.Rate it:
paper flowerA plant, Psilostrophe cooperi, and its flower.Rate it:
paper tigerA seemingly fierce or powerful person, country or organisation without the ability to back up their words; apparently powerful but actually ineffective.Rate it:
paper trailA written record, history, or collection of evidence.Rate it:
paper trailThe records left by a person or organization in the course of activities.Rate it:
par for the courseTo be expected; normal; common; usual.Rate it:
parade of horriblesA parade featuring a progression of people wearing comic and grotesque costumes.Rate it:
parade of horriblesA rhetorical device employing a series of progressively more terrible results following from an act.Rate it:
parcel outTo divide into portions or chunks; to ration.Rate it:
pardon mePolite expression to get someone to repeat.Rate it:
pardon meSorry; said as an apology.Rate it:
pardon my frenchPlease excuse my swearing or bad language.Rate it:
pare downTo reduce by paring or a similar gradual process.Rate it:
park that thoughtAlternative form of hold that thought.Rate it:
park the busTo attempt to stop the opposition team from scoring a goal by playing extremely defensively and placing as many players as possible behind the ball.Rate it:
park the car in harvard yardA sentence used to illustrate that the Boston accent is non-rhotic; typically pronounced "pahk the cah in Hahvad Yahd".Rate it:
parking lotA major thruway blocked by stop and go traffic.Rate it:
parking lotAn open area, generally paved, where automobiles may be left when not in use.Rate it:
part and parcelAn integral or essential piece; that which must be done or accepted as part of something else.Rate it:
part companyTo end a relationshipRate it:
part companyto separate; go their own wayRate it:
parting shotAn insult or barbed comment issued as the speaker departs or the conversation comes to an end.Rate it:
party and playUsed other than as an idiom: see party, play.Rate it:
party and playMarked by the use of drugs and the absence of sexual inhibitions.Rate it:
party animalA person known for frequent, enthusiastic attendance at parties, especially one whose partying behavior is exuberant or excessive.Rate it:
party crasherSomeone who attempts and often gains entry to a party or club to which they were not invited, often using social engineering techniques. The party crasher usually tries to blend into the party so as not to be kicked out.Rate it:
party guideGet that party up, get that party up we gonna Dance all Night, get that balloons up, get that balloons up, we gonna stay all nightRate it:
party pooperSomeone who unnecessarily dampens fun.Rate it:
party toPrivy to; having knowledge of.Rate it:
pass awayTo die.Rate it:
pass byTo pass over. disregard, overlook.Rate it:
pass byTo proceed past something.Rate it:
pass musterTo adequately pass a formal or informal inspection.Rate it:
pass musterTo measure up to a particular standard.Rate it:
pass offTo happen.Rate it:
pass offTo misrepresent something.Rate it:
pass onTo convey or communicate.Rate it:
pass onTo die.Rate it:
pass onTo skip or decline.Rate it:
pass outTo faint; fall asleep.Rate it:
pass outTo distribute, to hand out.Rate it:
pass outTo graduate, usually marked by the ceremony at the end of their training.Rate it:
pass the buckTo transfer responsibility or blame from oneself onto another; to absolve oneself of concern for a given matter by claiming to lack authority or jurisdiction.Rate it:
pass the hatTo ask for money, especially from a group of people; to solicit donations or contributions.Rate it:

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