Found 121 phrases starting with OU:

out and aboutTraveling; out; moving; engaged in regular day to day activities.Rate it:
out datedold fashionedRate it:
out for bloodWith the intent of killing somebody (especially out of revenge).Rate it:
out like a lightAsleep or unconscious, particularly if this has occurred suddenly and the sleep is deep.Rate it:
out loudUsing the voice; not silently; aloud.Rate it:
out of boundsBeyond the bounds of civility or morality; extremely unreasonable.Rate it:
out of boundsProhibited to enter.Rate it:
out of central castingConforming to the stereotypical image of a particular type of person or group.Rate it:
out of characterInconsistent with one's personality, disposition, or usual expected behaviour.Rate it:
out of characterNot acting; not "on"; behaving within one's natural personality rather than that of a character in a performance piece.Rate it:
out of characterNot in character; not successfully performing within the mindset of a given character in a theatrical performance. See also break character, drop character.Rate it:
out of dateNot current, outmoded, out of style, or too old to be used.Rate it:
out of fixWrong, broken, nonfunctional.Rate it:
out of gasLacking fuel.Rate it:
out of gasTired; lacking energy or motivation.Rate it:
Out of His SkullCrazy, Demented, Nuts, 'Gone Bananas!Rate it:
out of house and homeCassandra Chrones Moore, Haunted Housing: How Toxic Scare Stories Are Spooking the Public Out of House and Home.Rate it:
out of house and homeGail White, Partying with the Intelligentsia.Rate it:
out of house and homeGlobal Checkup: How Healthy is Earth?, Science NOW.Rate it:
out of house and homeHelping Your Dog Adjust to a New Home, The Progressive Animal Welfare Society.Rate it:
out of house and homeIn a manner that deprives one of dwelling or some aspect thereof.Rate it:
out of itDisoriented; not thinking clearly.Rate it:
out of itDrunk.Rate it:
out of itNot participating in some trend or group.Rate it:
out of kilterDisturbed; out of order; not working or adjusted properly.Rate it:
out of lineInappropriate or unsuitable, especially by reason of being unmannerly or indelicate.Rate it:
out of luckExperiencing a temporary misfortune.Rate it:
out of nowhereIn an unexpected or inexplicable manner of arrival or occurrence.Rate it:
out of one's boxCrazy; unhinged; irrational.Rate it:
out of one's boxStoned or intoxicated.Rate it:
out of one's depthTo be in a situation which one is poorly prepared or unprepared to handle.Rate it:
out of one's elementIn a situation which is unsuitable, unfamiliar, or unenjoyable.Rate it:
out of one's faceDrunk; intoxicated; inebriated.Rate it:
out of one's leagueIn a situation in which one is mismatched with one or more others, whose accomplishments, preparedness, or other characteristics are on a significantly higher or lower level than one's own.Rate it:
out of one's mindInsane, crazy.Rate it:
out of one's mindTemporarily mentally unstable; very distressed.Rate it:
out of one's treeCrazy; unhinged; irrational.Rate it:
out of orderInappropriate or unsuitable.Rate it:
out of orderNot functioning properly.Rate it:
out of orderOut of normal sequence.Rate it:
out of placeAmongst all those horsey people I felt quite out of place.Rate it:
out of placeNot in the proper situation or arrangement, or inappropriate for the circumstances.Rate it:
out of placeShe comes in out of the storm with not a hair out of place.Rate it:
out of pocketLacking funds, or suffering a loss.Rate it:
out of pocketOf or pertaining to the spending of cash rather than using credit.Rate it:
out of pocketunreachableRate it:
out of proportionNot in a proper or pleasing relation to other things, especially in terms of size.Rate it:
out of reachInaccessible or unattainable.Rate it:
out of reachThe adult magazines were out of reach of toddlers.Rate it:
out of shapephysically unfitRate it:

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