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on wheelsHaving wheels affixed to the bottom, and so transportable.Rate it:
on wheelsMobile; able to be moved.Rate it:
on wheelsTo a large degree, excessive.Rate it:
on your toesBe aware,of your surroundings, know exactly what is expected, know your stuff and act accordingly. Be awake!Rate it:
on-the-spotIn the right place at this very moment.Rate it:
once againAgain.Rate it:
once and for allFinally, permanently, conclusively.Rate it:
once bitten, twice shyOne is cautious in the future if one has been hurt in the past.Rate it:
once in a blue moonNever.Rate it:
once in a blue moonVery rarely; very infrequently.Rate it:
once in a whileOccasionally; sometimes.Rate it:
once moreAgain, a further time, once again.Rate it:
once moreUsed other than as an idiom: see once, more.Rate it:
once or twiceA small, indefinite number of times.Rate it:
once the toothpaste is out of the tube!Once the story is revealed, once the truth in the matter is revealed, the result is nothing can be reversed, the exposure is cast in stone.Rate it:
once you go black, you never go backAn expression assuming that once a person of another race gets in a sexual relationship with a black person they won't return to their own race.Rate it:
one after anotherIn single file.Rate it:
one after the otherOne by one; singularly; not occurring all at the same time (of a person or thing).Rate it:
one age withthe same age as, (followed by a name).Rate it:
one and allAll, everyone.Rate it:
one and allEach one.Rate it:
one and onlyunique, one of a kindRate it:
one and onlyonly love, sole sweetheart.Rate it:
one and the sameThe same person or thing. Used to emphasize the identity or equivalence of two things.Rate it:
one anothereach otherRate it:
one anotherUsed of a reciprocal relationship among a group of more than two people or things; compare each other.Rate it:
one at a timeIndividually, as opposed to collectively; slowly or methodically, figuratively.Rate it:
one brick short of a full loadNot mentally sound; insane.Rate it:
one brick short of a full loadStupid.Rate it:
one by oneIndividually in succession; one at a time.Rate it:
one can run but one can't hideThere is nothing someone can do to evade something.You can run but you can't hide.Rate it:
one can't fight city halltaking on any government entity in a contest is difficult and easier said than done.Rate it:
one can't hold two watermelons in one handdo not attempt to take on more than you can handleRate it:
one candle short of a boxnot bright; stupidRate it:
one card shy of a full deckMentally deranged; demented; insane.Rate it:
one fell swoopOne stroke; one action or event with many results.Rate it:
one fleshTwo people united by marriage.Rate it:
one good turn deserves anotherOne act of kindness should be paid back by another act of kindness.Rate it:
one in the eye forAn event or achievement which is unpleasant for someone, especially for those who considered it impossible or unwelcome; an annoyance.Rate it:
one man's meat is another man's poisonPeople have differing tastes; what pleases one person may displease another.Rate it:
one may as well hang for a sheep as a lambIf one is going to commit a sin, it may as well be a major one as a minor one.Rate it:
one never knowsa realistic, reflective statement relative to LIFE and LivingRate it:
one of his majesty's bad bargainsA worthless soldier, a malingeror.Rate it:
one of these daysOne day, some day (especially in warning of a negative consequence).Rate it:
one of those daysA bad day.Rate it:
one of those thingsAn unfortunate, but unavoidable, event.Rate it:
one or twoa fewRate it:
one sideYou should move to one side and allow me to go through the passageway you are blocking.Rate it:
one sidedPartisanRate it:
one small step for man, one giant leap for mankindA cliché used to exaggerate an accomplishment or milestone..Rate it:

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