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on the right trackUsing the correct general approach to a particular task or problem; pursuing something in a promising way.Rate it:
on the riserising; becoming greater in number.Rate it:
on the ropesLeaning against the ropes of the boxing ring, as when exhausted and nearing defeat or collapse.Rate it:
on the ropesShowing signs of imminent failure or collapse.Rate it:
on the runConstantly traveling or moving from place to place.Rate it:
on the runFleeing.Rate it:
on the same pageThinking Alike, On the same subject, On the same trackRate it:
on the same wavelengthIn rapport or complete accord.Rate it:
on the shelfLaid aside, unused, abandonedRate it:
on the shelfunmarriedRate it:
on the side of the angelsFighting for or supporting that which is good, just, or benevolent.Rate it:
on the skidsIn decline; going downhill; in trouble.Rate it:
on the slySlyly, in an inconspicuous manner, so as not to be seen; secretly; stealthily.Rate it:
on the slySlyly, in an inconspicuous manner, so as not to be seen; secretly; stealthily.Rate it:
on the spotAt that very moment; right away.Rate it:
on the spotHaving to answer or decide without warning or preparation.Rate it:
on the spotIn a particular place.Rate it:
on the spur of the momentOn very short notice; spontaneously.Rate it:
on the squareon the squareRate it:
on the squareA discrete, unassuming reference to freemasonry.Rate it:
on the squareHonest and open.Rate it:
on the straight and narrowHonest; proceeding according to rules and plans.Rate it:
on the streetWithout a home; without the means to afford good shelter.Rate it:
on the tableLaid out, presented forthrightly, presented so as to be able to be scrutinized.Rate it:
on the takeCorrupt; receiving bribes or other improper payments.Rate it:
on the tip of one's tongueKnown but not quite remembered.Rate it:
on the toss of a coinLeaving it to pure chance; relying upon a flippant metric.Rate it:
on the townCasually enjoying the nightlife of a town or city.Rate it:
on the trotsuccessively, in succession; one after the other.Rate it:
on the uprising; becoming greater in number or magnitude.Rate it:
on the upWhile the ball is rising.Rate it:
on the up-and-upLegitimate; honest; upright.Rate it:
on the uptakeIn understanding or in the ability to absorb new information; especially in the phrases "quick on the uptake" and "slow on the uptake".Rate it:
on the vergeVery near or close.Rate it:
on the wagonBy extension, maintaining a program of self-improvement or abstinence from some other undesirable habit.Rate it:
on the waneIn a period of decrease or decline.Rate it:
on the waneThe moon was on the wane.Rate it:
on the warpathVery angry or upset.Rate it:
on the wayComing, approaching.Rate it:
on the wholegenerallyRate it:
on the wholeFor the most part; apart from some insignificant details.Rate it:
on thin iceIn a dangerous, hazardous, or delicate situation; at risk.Rate it:
on tiptoeMoving carefully, quietly, warily or stealthily.Rate it:
on tiptoeWe crept out on tiptoe so as not to wake the children.Rate it:
on topIn a dominant position.Rate it:
on top ofFully informed about, and in control of something; up to speed with.Rate it:
on top ofIn addition to something else.Rate it:
on top of the worldDelighted; ecstatic; exceptionally pleased, happy, or satisfied.Rate it:
on trackOn a well-defined promotion path in an organisation, usually tenure.Rate it:
on trackProceeding as planned, as expected, or in a manner consistent with an established pattern.Rate it:

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