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on one's toesAttentive, active, busy or alert.Rate it:
on one's watchDuring the period of time when one is in a position of authority or responsibility.Rate it:
on opposite sides of the barricadesOf starkly different, opposite views on an issue.Rate it:
on paperUsed other than as an idiom: see on, paper.Rate it:
on paperBased on debatable inference; in theory.Rate it:
on pins and needlesFeeling sharp anticipation or anxiety; in a state of suspense.Rate it:
on premiseTraditional method of installing and customizing software on the customer’s own computers that reside inside their own data center.Rate it:
on purposePurposefully; with intention; deliberately.Rate it:
on second thoughtAfter reconsidering; on further consideration.Rate it:
on sightI recognized him on sight.Rate it:
on sightImmediately when sighted.Rate it:
on someone's accountFor someone's sake.Rate it:
on specI'm writing an article on spec. I hope some magazine will buy it.Rate it:
on specShort form of "on speculation": Creating a work with the hope of selling it, as opposed to creating a work "on commission" for hire.Rate it:
on spur of the momentNow! Instantly!Rate it:
on steroidsTo a greater degree, exaggerating the characteristics of the previously named object.Rate it:
on sufferanceUnwillingly agreed to or barely tolerated.Rate it:
on tenterhooksIn a state of suspense or apprehension.Rate it:
on tenterhookstense in anticipation of something. The phrase originated in the wool industry where fleeces were stretched on a frame between hooks to dry after washing the fleeces.Rate it:
on the anvilRefers to anything in the making, being created, or in production, especially in the metalworking field.Rate it:
on the back burnerNot immediate; inactive; receiving less than full or regular attention.Rate it:
on the back footIn a defensive posture; off-balance.Rate it:
on the back ofas a result of; after; subsequent to.Rate it:
on the ballAlert, active, or attentive; on top of things.Rate it:
on the ballBeing in control of the ball.Rate it:
on the blinkFunctioning erratically, malfunctioning; not working or not working well. Usually refers to a mechanical or electronic device.Rate it:
on the bounceConsecutively, in succession.Rate it:
on the brainObsessively in mind.Rate it:
on the brinkVery nearly; imminent; close.Rate it:
on the bubbleHaving qualification for an event depend on the upcoming performances of other competitors.Rate it:
on the bubbleHolding the last qualifying position with qualification still in progress, and thus liable to lose that position.Rate it:
on the bubbleUncertain of success.Rate it:
on the buttonExactly, precisely.Rate it:
on the cardsCertain, likely to happen. Foretold and expected but not yet brought to pass.Rate it:
on the cardsLikely to occur, probable.Rate it:
on the cheapEconomically, especially if too economically.Rate it:
on the clockDisplayed numerically on the mileage or kilometric gauge.Rate it:
on the clockIn the official time expired in a game or other sporting event.Rate it:
on the clockIn the official time remaining in a game or other sporting event.Rate it:
on the clockOf a taxicab, engaged for hire; displayed numerically as time or fare on the meter of a taxicab.Rate it:
on the clockRemunerated per unit of time.Rate it:
on the clockWorking at one's job; occupied in some manner during one's hours of remunerated employment.Rate it:
on the cuffOn credit, with payment to be made later.Rate it:
on the cutting room floorNot included in the finalized version of something; deliberately rejected or unintentionally overlooked.Rate it:
on the defensivePrepared to defend or protect against criticism, attack or aggression.Rate it:
on the dotExactly; precisely, especially of a numerical quantity.Rate it:
on the doubleRapidly or immediately.Rate it:
on the down-lowIn secret.Rate it:
on the down-lowSecretly sleeping with someone other than one's partner.Rate it:
on the down-low(of a male) Publicly identifying as heterosexual but secretly having sex with other men.Rate it:

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