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on aboutSpeaking about, talking of.Rate it:
on accidentAccidentally; not intentionally; because of error, misfortune, or lack of caution.Rate it:
on account ofBecause of, due to, owing to.Rate it:
on account ofFor the sake of.Rate it:
on account ofBecause.Rate it:
on account ofOn account of the fact that: because, since.Rate it:
on acidExaggerated, bizarre or unpredictable.Rate it:
on airbroadcastRate it:
on all foursOn one's hands and knees.Rate it:
on all foursSimilar in nature or effect to something else; consistent.Rate it:
on an irregular basisIrregularly, occurring in irregular time intervals or patterns.Rate it:
on and offIntermittently.Rate it:
on and oncontinuouslyRate it:
on atnaggingRate it:
on atto pester; to irritate; to annoyRate it:
on aurait pu entendre une mouche volerCette phrase s’emploie pour parler d’un silence absolu.Rate it:
on averageUsually, typically; as a rule; as often as not.Rate it:
on balanceExpression Offered By Many In The Judiciary', Viewing Something in A Fair And Balanced Manner:Rate it:
on balanceJudging fairly by considering all facets of a case.Rate it:
on boardAgreeing or supporting.Rate it:
on boardEven when I am on board the plane, I can never feel secure that my luggage is, too.Rate it:
on boardIs that new teammate properly on board yet?.Rate it:
on boardIt's a good idea, but let's see if we can get a few more of the management team on board.Rate it:
on boardJoining in or participating.Rate it:
on boardOn or in a means of transportation.Rate it:
on cloud nineVery happy, blissful.Rate it:
on courseProceeding smoothly as planned.Rate it:
on cueat the right momentRate it:
on demandWhen needed or required.Rate it:
on dirait une poule qui a trouvé un couteauExprime l'incompréhension de quelqu'un, devant une situation qui le dépasse.Rate it:
on edgeTense, nervous or irritable.Rate it:
on endRemarkably long; continuously.Rate it:
on endUpright; erect; endways.Rate it:
on est jamais mieux servi que par soi-mêmeAutrui ne réalisera jamais un travail désiré aussi bien que soi-même.Rate it:
on est pas chez méméS’emploie comme une interjection demandant aux interlocuteurs de surveiller leur conduite à l’extérieur de chez eux.Rate it:
on fait de bonne soupe dans un vieux potLes vieilles choses ne laissent pas de servir.Rate it:
on fireBeing burned by fire.Rate it:
on fireAchieving good results at a rapid rate.Rate it:
on good termsbeing friendly; having good relations.Rate it:
on good terms withFriendly towards; having good relations with.Rate it:
on handAvailable; ready; in stock.Rate it:
on handclose by; ready to helpRate it:
on highon highRate it:
on highIn authority.Rate it:
on highIn the sky or the heavens.Rate it:
on holdDelayed; postponed.Rate it:
on holdOn reserve; being held for someone.Rate it:
on holdWaiting on a telephone call.Rate it:
on icein abeyance, pendingRate it:
on iceNot being used, or not to be used e.g.Rate it:

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