Found 709 phrases starting with O:

on boardEven when I am on board the plane, I can never feel secure that my luggage is, too.Rate it:
on boardIs that new teammate properly on board yet?.Rate it:
on boardIt's a good idea, but let's see if we can get a few more of the management team on board.Rate it:
on boardJoining in or participating.Rate it:
on boardOn or in a means of transportation.Rate it:
on cloud nineVery happy, blissful.Rate it:
on courseProceeding smoothly as planned.Rate it:
on cueat the right momentRate it:
on demandWhen needed or required.Rate it:
on edgeTense, nervous or irritable.Rate it:
on endRemarkably long; continuously.Rate it:
on endUpright; erect; endways.Rate it:
on fireBeing burned by fire.Rate it:
on fireAchieving good results at a rapid rate.Rate it:
on good terms withFriendly towards; having good relations with.Rate it:
on handAvailable; ready; in stock.Rate it:
on handclose by; ready to helpRate it:
on highon highRate it:
on highon highRate it:
on highIn authority.Rate it:
on highIn the sky or the heavens.Rate it:
on holdDelayed; postponed.Rate it:
on holdOn reserve; being held for someone.Rate it:
on holdWaiting on a telephone call.Rate it:
on icein abeyance, pendingRate it:
on iceNot being used, or not to be used e.g.Rate it:
on icePerformed by ice skaters as an ice show.Rate it:
on in yearsOld; advanced in age.Rate it:
on itIn full control and having full grasp of the situation.Rate it:
on its meritsConsidering only intrinsic good points and bad points, without prejudice or other considerations, such as procedural ones.Rate it:
on loanlent outRate it:
on my finalReference to final approach, attitude configuration, positions of various controls in the landing of an aircraft.Rate it:
on no accountUnder no circumstances.Rate it:
on one's billAlone, on one's own.Rate it:
on one's deathbedClose to death.Rate it:
on one's feetBeing stable or capable, especially in a financial or emotional sense.Rate it:
on one's feetBeing standing up.Rate it:
on one's feetBeing well again after a bout of illness.Rate it:
on one's handsBeing one's liability or responsibility; with which one is lumbered.Rate it:
on one's high horseSelf-righteous; proceeding on the belief one is more correct or proper than others.Rate it:
on one's kneesUsed other than as an idiom.Rate it:
on one's kneesAt the mercy of someone.Rate it:
on one's last legsAbout to die.Rate it:
on one's last legsAbout to lose viability or become defunct.Rate it:
on one's ownAlone; by oneself; without the companionship or assistance of others.Rate it:
on one's own accountOn one's own behalf.Rate it:
on one's own accountBy oneself.Rate it:
on one's own accountAt one's own risk.Rate it:
on one's soapboxStating or professing one's opinion; attempting to persuade others of something.Rate it:
on one's todon one's own, aloneRate it:

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