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old testamentpart of the bibleRate it:
old time used to beEx-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend. Often used in songs.Rate it:
old time used to beRoberta, lyrics by Leadbelly.Rate it:
old time used to beSomebody Loan Me A Dime. lyrics by Boz Scaggs.Rate it:
old womanAn elderly woman.Rate it:
old womanA person (irrespective of age or sex) who is always complaining about his or her situation.Rate it:
old womanOld mother.Rate it:
old womanWife.Rate it:
old womanOld female partner.Rate it:
older adultUsed other than as an idiom: see older, adult.Rate it:
older adultAn old person.Rate it:
olive branchpeace offeringRate it:
olive greencolourRate it:
oll korrectAll right; okay.Rate it:
omegaThe twenty-fourth letter of the Classical and the Modern Greek alphabet, and the twenty-eighth letter of the Old and the Ancient Greek alphabet, i.e. the last letter of every Greek alphabet. Uppercase version: Ω; lowercase: ω.Rate it:
omegaThe end; the final, last or ultimate in a sequence.Rate it:
omegaAngular velocity; symbol: ω.Rate it:
omegaOmega; the Greek letter Ω (lowercase ω).Rate it:
omegaomega (Greek letter)Rate it:
omegaomega (letter; scientific symbol)Rate it:
omegaomega; the Greek letter Ω, ωRate it:
omgTo start; never end conversation of the best conversation you ever had in your life .Rate it:
on a cloudy day i saw a rainbow, on the day i saw you , you gave a stormOn better days there's a plot of getting ahead than on a bad day.Rate it:
on a full stomachDirectly after eating, after a meal.Rate it:
on a kickHaving a period of enthusiasm towards some activity.Rate it:
on a losing wicketin a no-win situation.Rate it:
on a plateacquired without troubleRate it:
on a regular basisRegularly, occurring in regular time intervals or patterns.Rate it:
on a rollHaving a streak of good luck or good progress or success.Rate it:
on a shoestringOn a very tight budget; with few resources or little money.Rate it:
on a whimDone without thinking seriously about the consequences.Rate it:
on aboutSpeaking about, talking of.Rate it:
on accidentAccidentally; not intentionally; because of error, misfortune, or lack of caution.Rate it:
on account ofBecause of, due to, owing to.Rate it:
on account ofFor the sake of.Rate it:
on account ofBecause.Rate it:
on account ofOn account of the fact that: because, since.Rate it:
on acidExaggerated, bizarre or unpredictable.Rate it:
on airbroadcastRate it:
on all foursOn one's hands and knees.Rate it:
on all foursSimilar in nature or effect to something else; consistent.Rate it:
on an irregular basisIrregularly, occurring in irregular time intervals or patterns.Rate it:
on and offIntermittently.Rate it:
on and oncontinuouslyRate it:
on atnaggingRate it:
on atto pester; to irritate; to annoyRate it:
on averageUsually, typically; as a rule; as often as not.Rate it:
on balanceExpression Offered By Many In The Judiciary', Viewing Something in A Fair And Balanced Manner:Rate it:
on balanceJudging fairly by considering all facets of a case.Rate it:
on boardAgreeing or supporting.Rate it:

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