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off-the-wallWildly unconventional; bizarre; absurd.Rate it:
offer affordancesTo give elbow room or leeway for something to happen.Rate it:
offer one's condolencesTo offer sympathy to someone.Rate it:
offer upto give (thanks, praise) to GodRate it:
offer upto sacrificeRate it:
offer upto provide (something great)Rate it:
oh dark hundredSome unspecified hour in the early morning.Rate it:
oh dark thirtySome unspecified hour in the early morning.Rate it:
oh myoh my GodRate it:
oh my Allahoh my God!Rate it:
oh my AllahUsed other than as an idiom: see oh, my, Allah.Rate it:
oh my goodnessAlternative form of my goodness.Rate it:
oh my goodness graciousOh my God.Rate it:
oh my goshoh my God!Rate it:
oh wellAn expression of mild disappointment or resignation; too bad; pity.Rate it:
oh, wellAn expression of disappointment or resignation; too bad; pity.Rate it:
oil and waterTwo things which are incapable of mixing or coexisting harmoniously with each other.Rate it:
oil burnerA device whose operation causes apparent combustion of lubricating oil.Rate it:
oil burnerA heating device which burns fuel oil; an oil furnace.Rate it:
oil burnerA machine that uses oil as its fuel.Rate it:
oil colourpaintingRate it:
oil paintingworks of artRate it:
oil trashAn uncultured, rowdy roughneck employed in the petroleum industry, especially a "white trash" person if used negatively.Rate it:
old as the hillsExtremely old.Rate it:
old baileycentral criminal courtRate it:
old billpoliceRate it:
old boy networkA presumed unacknowledged system of association between childhood friends (especially those at school or university together), used for mutual assistance or favouritism.Rate it:
old chestnutA well-worn story.Rate it:
old college tryA vigorous, committed attempt or effort.Rate it:
old enough to voteUsed other than as an idiom.Rate it:
old enough to voteold, decrepit.Rate it:
old fartAn elderly person who holds views that are considered old-fashioned.Rate it:
old flameA previous girlfriend or boyfriend; a former romantic partner, especially one for whom one still has romantic feelings.Rate it:
old fogeyOld person.Rate it:
old habits die hardExisting habits are hard to change.Rate it:
old handA person who is experienced at a certain activity.Rate it:
old hatSomething uninteresting, hackneyed, or passé due to overuse or long-standing familiarity..Rate it:
old hatSomething widely or long practiced, known, or accepted; something conventional.Rate it:
old hatSomething with which one is very familiar, or in which one is experienced or skilled.Rate it:
old maidcard gameRate it:
old mastersgreat paintersRate it:
old moneyFamilies that have been wealthy for generations or members of such families.Rate it:
old moneyThe imperial system of measurement, as opposed to the metric system.Rate it:
old moneyThe monetary system used in the United Kingdom before decimalisation and consisting of pounds, shillings, and pence.Rate it:
old saltA seasoned sailor, especially one who is hardy and forthright in manner.Rate it:
old sawA cliché, saying, or overused expression; especially a proverb or maxim.Rate it:
old schoolCharacteristic of a style, outlook, or method employed in a former era, remembered either as inferior to the current style, or alternately, remembered nostalgically as superior or preferable to the new style, the older denoting something that would be considered out of date or out of fashion to some, but as such, is considered by others as cool and hip.Rate it:
old sodthe old countryRate it:
old sodUsed other than as an idiom: see old, sod (person).Rate it:
old stickA man, chap, fellow, guy.Rate it:

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