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off one's dotOff one's rocker; bananas; mad.Rate it:
off one's feedNot eating normally.Rate it:
off one's feedRather unwell, especially with a reduced or altered appetite; somewhat disoriented or disconcerted.Rate it:
off one's gameC. 1910, Ralph Henry Barbour, "The Dub" in The New Boy at Hilltop and Other Stories.Rate it:
off one's gamePerforming in any activity below one's usual level; behaving in an irregular, inept, or awkward manner; feeling unwell.Rate it:
off one's gamePlaying or competing below one's usual level of performance.Rate it:
off one's medsUsed other than as an idiom: see off, meds.Rate it:
off one's medsOut of control.Rate it:
off one's nutInsane, crazy.Rate it:
off one's own batAt one's own instigation.Rate it:
off one's rockerCrazy; insane.Rate it:
off one's titsHeavily intoxicated; under the influence of alcohol or drugs.Rate it:
off one's treeCrazy; unhinged; irrational.Rate it:
off one's trolleyHaving gone mad; insane.Rate it:
off patThoroughly practiced, rehearsed, or understood.Rate it:
off the back footFrom a defensive position.Rate it:
off the batFrom the start; immediately; right away.Rate it:
off the beaten pathIn a secluded location; in a place which is not frequently visited or not widely known.Rate it:
off the beaten trackIn a place or places not commonly visited.Rate it:
off the chainCrazy and exciting; delirious and wild. By analogy to a frenetic dog when unleashed.Rate it:
off the chainFree from work or direct supervision. In reference to slave labor, where workers are chained, or to the figurative chain of workers of an assembly line.Rate it:
off the cuffspontaneouslyRate it:
off the deep endCrazy, erratic, or irrational.Rate it:
off the gridNot using electricity from the public electrical supply system.Rate it:
off the gridNot connected to a publicly available communication system, such as the world-wide web or a mobile telephone network.Rate it:
off the gridIsolated; in a remote location; in seclusion; not participating in some official process or system.Rate it:
off the gridIn or into a situation or place in which electricity from the public electricity system is not used.Rate it:
off the gridIn or into a clandestine or isolated situation or place, especially one in which public communication is curtailed.Rate it:
off the gridSecretly; in a clandestine manner.Rate it:
off the hookPerforming extraordinarily well.Rate it:
off the hookRelieved of a duty, burden, responsibility, or pressure.Rate it:
off the hookOf a telephone, having an open connection; not hung up.Rate it:
off the markInaccurate; not correct or appropriate.Rate it:
off the radarUnlikely to happen, or be important in the near future or tending to escape detection or attention.Rate it:
off the railsIn an abnormal manner, especially in a manner that causes damage or malfunctioning.Rate it:
off the railsInsane.Rate it:
off the railsOff the intended path.Rate it:
off the railsOut of control.Rate it:
off the railsWhen you've lost it all, When your world and life is upside down!Rate it:
off the reservationViolating rules.Rate it:
off the tableBeyond consideration.Rate it:
off the top of one's headWithout great thought or investigation; extemporaneous; natural; offhand.Rate it:
off the wagonNo longer maintaining a program of self-improvement or abstinence from an undesirable habit, especially drinking alcohol.Rate it:
off to the racesIn or into a process of energetic engagement in some activity; in or into a phase of conspicuously increasing satisfaction or success.Rate it:
off-colorConsidered dirty, vulgar or obscene.Rate it:
off-kilterAskew.Rate it:
off-roaderA vehicle that is designed to drive off the road.Rate it:
off-the-cuffExtemporaneous; without prior preparation; impromptu.Rate it:
off-the-shelfAs purchased or as commonly available, without modification or customization.Rate it:
off-the-wallGreatly inappropriate.Rate it:

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