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object lessonA lesson taught using a familiar or unusual object as a focus.
object lessonA punishment intended as a deterrent to others.
object lessonAn example that typifies a principle.
object lessonAnything used an example or lesson which serves to warn others as to the outcomes that result from a particular action or behavior, as exemplified by the fates of those who followed that course.
odd and curiousA way to designate special coins, namely coins that are both odd and imperfect or seriously damaged.
odd and curiousOn the Isle of Man, the common or general man.
odd one outA visual puzzle where the guesser has to choose which word/picture/symbol etc. does not fit with the others.
odd one outSomething or someone in a group that is different or exceptional, that does not fit.
odds and endsMiscellaneous things.
of aEvery.
of all peopleEspecially; more than other people.
of anBelonging to the same.
of anIndicates a more or less habitual activity during the given part of the day.
of courseAcknowledges the validity of the associated phrase.
of courseAsserts that the associated phrase should not be argued, particularly if it is obvious or there is no choice in the matter.
of courseIndicates enthusiastic agreement.
of lateIn the recent past; recently; lately.
of notedistinguished, famous
of sortsResembling; similar to; in a way; partial or not entire; somewhat.
off and onIntermittently.
off balanceNot physical balanced; not having physical equilibrium.
off balanceSurprised; perplexed.
off boardNot on or in a means of transportation.
off boardNot participating.
off chanceA condition of not being likely or probable.
off licencedrinks shop
off messagedeviating from party line
off one's dotOff one's rocker; bananas; mad.
off one's gameC. 1910, Ralph Henry Barbour, "The Dub" in The New Boy at Hilltop and Other Stories.
off one's gamePerforming in any activity below one's usual level; behaving in an irregular, inept, or awkward manner; feeling unwell.
off one's gamePlaying or competing below one's usual level of performance.
off one's own batAt one's own instigation.
off one's rockerCrazy; insane.
off the back footFrom a defensive position.
off the batFrom the start; immediately; right away.
off the beaten pathIn a secluded location; in a place which is not frequently visited or not widely known.
off the beaten trackIn a place or places not commonly visited.
off the chainCrazy and exciting; delirious and wild. By analogy to a frenetic dog when unleashed.
off the chainFree from work or direct supervision. In reference to slave labor, where workers are chained, or to the figurative chain of workers of an assembly line.
off the cuffspontaneously
off the deep endCrazy, erratic, or irrational.
off the hookOf a telephone, having an open connection; not hung up.
off the hookPerforming extraordinarily well.
off the hookRelieved of a duty, burden, responsibility, or pressure.
off the markInaccurate; not correct or appropriate.
off the radarUnlikely to happen, or be important in the near future or tending to escape detection or attention.
off the railsIn an abnormal manner, especially in a manner that causes damage or malfunctioning.
off the railsInsane.
off the railsOff the intended path.
off the railsOut of control.

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