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oat operaA, film, or novel depicting adventures of characters in the American Old West; a western.
object lessonA lesson taught using a familiar or unusual object as a focus.
object lessonA punishment intended as a deterrent to others.
object lessonAn example that typifies a principle.
object lessonAnything used an example or lesson which serves to warn others as to the outcomes that result from a particular action or behavior, as exemplified by the fates of those who followed that course.
occupy oneselfTo keep busy by doing something
odd and curiousA way to designate special coins, namely coins that are both odd and imperfect or seriously damaged.
odd and curiousOn the Isle of Man, the common or general man.
odd duckAn unusual person, especially an individual with an idiosyncratic personality or peculiar behavioral characteristics.
odd fishAn unusual thing or eccentric person.
odd one outA visual puzzle where the guesser has to choose which word/picture/symbol etc. does not fit with the others.
odd one outSomething or someone in a group that is different or exceptional, that does not fit.
odds and endsMiscellaneous things.
odds and sodsMiscellaneous items.
odds and sodsOrdinary people who lack distinction.
of aEvery.
of a kindOf the same type or character.
of a pieceUsed other than as an idiom: see of, a, piece.
of a pieceOf the same kind.
of all peopleEspecially; more than other people.
of all thingsEspecially; more than other things.
of all thingsSurprisingly.
of anBelonging to the same.
of anIndicates a more or less habitual activity during the given part of the day.
of choicepreferred above others.
of courseAcknowledges the validity of the associated phrase.
of courseAsserts that the associated phrase should not be argued, particularly if it is obvious or there is no choice in the matter.
of courseIndicates enthusiastic agreement.
of lateIn the recent past; recently; lately.
of notedistinguished, famous
of one mindHaving the same viewpoint, opinion, or attitude; in agreement.
of sortsResembling; similar to; in a way; partial or not entire; somewhat.
of that ilkUsed other than as an idiom. Of that kind; of the same kind of person or thing as the one just mentioned.
of that ilkHaving a name that is the same as the place where one lives.
of the same stripeOf the same kind; having the same opinion or viewpoint.
of two mindsUndecided or unsure; equivocating; conflicted in one's opinions.
off and onIntermittently.
off balanceNot physical balanced; not having physical equilibrium.
off balanceSurprised; perplexed.
off boardNot on or in a means of transportation.
off boardNot participating.
off chanceA condition of not being likely or probable.
off licencedrinks shop
off like a bride's nightieMaking a rapid departure; away. [From 1960.](Australia, horse racing) Moving quickly and resolutely.
off like a bride's nightieMoving quickly and resolutely.
off like a bride's nightieMoving quickly and resolutely.
off like a prom dressMaking a start, or departing, very rapidly.
off messagedeviating from party line
off one's boxCrazy; unhinged; irrational.
off one's boxStoned or intoxicated.

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