Found 19 phrases starting with NU:

nudge nudge wink winkA phrase added at the end of the sentence to hint that the speaker is referring to something else, euphemistically.Rate it:
nugget of truthA small amount of truth in a generally untrue statement.Rate it:
nugget of truthJanuary 2008, Chicago Tribune - Clinton's Hispanic edge over Obama.Rate it:
null and voidHaving no legal validity, not enforceable legallyRate it:
Number 10Alternative form of 10 Downing Street.Rate it:
number gamesA numbers game: the use of inappropriate statistics (numbers) to reflect a desired result (usually misleading).Rate it:
number gamesplural form of number game: lotteries, numbers games.Rate it:
number oneFirst; foremost; best.Rate it:
number one with a bulletSuperlative; impossible to beat.Rate it:
Number TenAlternative form of 10 Downing Street.Rate it:
Nuremberg defenseAn explanation offered as an intended excuse for behaving in a criminal or wrongful manner, claiming that one behaved in that manner because one was ordered by others to do so.Rate it:
nut outTo find a solution for, to work out the finer details, especially in a group discussion.Rate it:
nut outTo become crazy, especially with rage.Rate it:
nut-cutting timeTime to exert maximum effort, for example, due to an approaching deadline or a looming competitive situation.Rate it:
nut-cutting timeTime to gather nuts before they are taken by other animals or buried in snow.Rate it:
nutfarmAn insane asylum.Rate it:
nuthouseA lunatic asylum.Rate it:
nuts and boltsThe basic, inner workings of something; the fundamentals or basics; that which makes something operate, on a basic level.Rate it:
nutty as a fruitcakeBehaving in an eccentric, foolish, or kooky manner; very nutty.Rate it:

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