Found 173 phrases starting with NO:

no biggieNot a big deal, not something to worry about.Rate it:
no brainerSomething that supposedly doesn’t take much intellectual thought. Whoever says that something is a no brainer is usually the one with no brains.Rate it:
no butsAlternative form of no ifs, ands, or buts.Rate it:
no chanceAbsolutely not; under no circumstances. [from 18th c.]Rate it:
no commentA refusal to say the obvious impolite retort.Rate it:
no commentAn "official" refusal to relay any further information, as a response to a newspaper reporter's question.Rate it:
no coverWithout a cover charge.Rate it:
no diceAn unacceptable alternative.Rate it:
no diceAn unfavorable result.Rate it:
no duck no dinnerNo money to pay for food, then you go hungryRate it:
no fearcertainly notRate it:
no flies onNo mental weaknesses, character defects, or other significant flaws belonging to.Rate it:
no frillsBasic or simple; providing only what is necessary, without anything extra or fancy.Rate it:
no glove, no loveWithout a condom, there will be no sex.Rate it:
no gosomething which should not or cannot be doneRate it:
no good deed ever goes unpunishedUsed to express the idea that beneficial actions often go unappreciated or are met with outright hostility.Rate it:
no good deed goes unpunishedUsed to express the idea that beneficial actions often go unappreciated or are met with outright hostility.Rate it:
no great shakesUnexceptional; not special or noteworthy; not very effective.Rate it:
no hard feelings(I, etc.) hold no lingering anger or resentment toward (you, etc.); There's no bad blood between (us, etc.).Rate it:
no harm, no foulEncapsulation of the idea that although technically a breach of some code or law may have occurred there is no need for punishment, apology or retribution if no actual damage occurred.Rate it:
no holds barredWithout reserve; in an especially ruthless or vicious manner.Rate it:
no holds barredWithout restrictions on holds or what opponents may do.Rate it:
no ifs and butsAlternative form of no ifs, ands, or buts.Rate it:
no ifs, ands, or butsPeriod; exactly so; without modification, limitation, or addendum.Rate it:
no joyA negative outcome.Rate it:
no love lostDislike, animosity.Rate it:
no man is an islandAll people are connected to other people and dependent on other people.1623, John Donne, Rate it:
no matterregardless ofRate it:
no matter how one slices itfrom any perspective; in every caseRate it:
no matter how thin you slice it, it's still baloneyRegardless of how many clever points or fine distinctions one makes, what one is saying is still false or is still nonsense.Rate it:
no mean featA laudable triumph of great difficulty.Rate it:
no nevermindNo difference.Rate it:
no news is good newsA lack of information about a situation suggests that nothing bad has happened.Rate it:
no pain, no gainOne must be willing to endure some inconvenience or discomfort in order to achieve worthwhile goals.Rate it:
no pressureThe situation at hand is rife with emotional pressure.Rate it:
no prize for guessingUsed to form expressions emphasizing the unsurprising nature of what follows.Rate it:
no rest for the wicked(humorous) People who are wicked must work harder than normal people.Rate it:
no scoreIn a sporting event, a score of zero to zero.Rate it:
no screaming hellSomething that is not particularly effective or impressive; something that is below expectations.Rate it:
no skin off one's backNo harm to one.Rate it:
no skin off one's noseNo harm to one.Rate it:
no slave to fashionA person whose style of clothing and appearance are unconventional, informal, or slovenly; a person who takes little interest in how he or she is dressed.Rate it:
no slouchPretty good; not bad.Rate it:
no smoke without fireIndicative of the fact that gossip or accusations are often substantiated by fact.Rate it:
no spring chickenSaid of a person who is no longer particularly young.Rate it:
no strings attachedWhen something is given free and clear without any conditions of payment or personal service in return.Rate it:
no strings attachedWithout conditions or obligations; without a catch.Rate it:
no sweatSee: no problem.Rate it:
no time like the presentA shortened form of there's no time like the presentRate it:
no two ways about itNo other possible action, choice or option.Rate it:

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