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na-na na-na boo-boo[c. mid 20th century?] A taunt or putdown, typically used to indicate that the speaker believes he or she has beaten the listener in a competition or is better in some other way or in a general sense; or an expression of satisfaction that the listener has received some supposedly deserved minor punishment or misfortune (a schadenfreude).Rate it:
na-na na-na na-naAlternative form of na-na na-na boo-boo.Rate it:
naff offA mild version of f** off.Rate it:
nail biterA nervous or uncomfortable situation.Rate it:
nail biterAn engaging or exciting cliffhanger.Rate it:
nail biterOne who bites or chews his or her fingernails.Rate it:
nail downTo attach with nails.Rate it:
nail downFirm or certain.Rate it:
naked apeA human being.Rate it:
naked as a jaybirdStark naked; nude; especially, naked in a public setting and without embarrassment.Rate it:
namby pambyweakly sentimentalRate it:
name and shameSo as to single them out for individual blame and censure.Rate it:
name namesTo identify specific people, especially people involved in confidential activity, misdeeds, or crimes.Rate it:
name of the gameThe essential element (needed to reach the principal goal or objective); the overall purpose.Rate it:
Nantucket sleigh rideAn obsolete and dangerous method of whale hunting in which a small boat manned by rowers and a harpooner, or a series of small boats tied together, would be attached to a whale by means of a harpoon and would then be towed by the creature at high speed across the water's surface, until the whale eventually became exhausted.Rate it:
Nantucket sleigh rideA similar scenario involving a large fish.Rate it:
ñapathe little something extraRate it:
narrow boatcanal bargeRate it:
narrow downMake more specific.Rate it:
nary aNot one; none.Rate it:
national insurancestate social-security schemeRate it:
native soilThe country or geographical region where one was born or which one considers to be one's true homeland.Rate it:
native soilSource, place of origin, principal location, or natural habitat.Rate it:
ne'er cast a clout til may be outAdvice not to change from winter clothes to summer clothes until June, as there is often a sudden cold snap in May.Rate it:
ne'er do welluselessRate it:
near missnarrowly avoided accidentRate it:
near postThe goalpost nearest from where a cross is made.Rate it:
near the knuckleRisqué, sexual, suggestive of impropriety..Rate it:
nearly never bulled a cow(Irish) Near enough is not good enough.Rate it:
necessary evilAn unfavorable thing that must be done or accepted, especially because the available alternative courses of action or inaction would be worse.Rate it:
necessity is the mother of innovationAlternative form of necessity is the mother of invention.Rate it:
necessity is the mother of inventionA person who is in great need of something will find a way to get it.Rate it:
neck and neckVery close in progress, as in a race or contest.Rate it:
neck of the woodsA local neighbourhood or region.Rate it:
necker's knobA knob attached to the steering wheel of an automobile, especially before the widespread availability of power steering, helping the driver steer with one arm and leaving the other arm free to provide romantic attention to a companion.Rate it:
necktie partyAn execution by hanging, especially a lynching.Rate it:
need yesterdayTo need something immediately or urgently; to need something that is already late.Rate it:
needle in a haystackConsider the frustration in a fantasy attempt to locate, or find a needle embedded somewhere in a stack of hay!Rate it:
needle in a haystackSomething that is difficult or impossible to locate; something impossibly complex or intractable.Rate it:
needless to sayClearly, obviously (because it is visually obvious).Rate it:
needs a swift kick in the slats!Depression Expression; Threats and assertions of physical violence toward certain individuals during 'hard times' was common. Circa 1929-1939.Rate it:
neighbour's envy, owner's prideA possession envied by neighbours but bringing you prideRate it:
neither fish nor fowlSaid of something not easily categorized or not fitting neatly into any established group.Rate it:
neither fish, flesh, nor good red herringUnsuitable for anyone or anything; unfit for any purpose.Rate it:
neither here nor thereNot important; having no significance or influence on the question at hand; not related; not relevant; not germane; not pertinent.Rate it:
nerve-shreddingsuspensefulRate it:
nerves of steelGreat bravery, courage or composureRate it:
nervous as a catnervous as a catRate it:
nervous as a catVery nervous.Rate it:
nervous as a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairsExtremely nervous.Rate it:

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