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naff offA mild version of f** off.
nail biterA nervous or uncomfortable situation.
nail biterAn engaging or exciting cliffhanger.
nail biterOne who bites or chews his or her fingernails.
nail downTo attach with nails.
nail downFirm or certain.
naked apeA human being.
naked as a jaybirdStark naked; nude; especially, naked in a public setting and without embarrassment.
namby pambyweakly sentimental
name and shameSo as to single them out for individual blame and censure.
ñapathe little something extra
narrow boatcanal barge
narrow downMake more specific.
nary aNot one; none.
national insurancestate social-security scheme
ne'er cast a clout til may be outAdvice not to change from winter clothes to summer clothes until June, as there is often a sudden cold snap in May.
ne'er do welluseless
near missnarrowly avoided accident
near the knuckleRisqué, sexual, suggestive of impropriety..
nearly never bulled a cow(Irish) Near enough is not good enough.
necessity is the mother of innovationAlternative form of necessity is the mother of invention.
necessity is the mother of inventionA person who is in great need of something will find a way to get it.
neck and neckVery close in progress, as in a race or contest.
neck of the woodsA local neighbourhood or region.
necker's knobA knob attached to the steering wheel of an automobile, especially before the widespread availability of power steering, helping the driver steer with one arm and leaving the other arm free to provide romantic attention to a companion.
necktie partyAn execution by hanging, especially a lynching.
needle in a haystackSomething that is difficult or impossible to locate; something impossibly complex or intractable.
neighbour's envy, owner's prideA possession envied by neighbours but bringing you pride
neither fish nor fowlSaid of something not easily categorized or not fitting neatly into any established group.
neither here nor thereNot important; having no significance or influence on the question at hand; not related; not relevant; not germane; not pertinent.
nervous as a catnervous as a cat
nervous as a catVery nervous.
nervous hitA production which receives generally favorably notice, but is not assured of success.
nest eggA natural or artificial egg placed in a bird's nest, to encourage the bird to lay its own eggs there.
nest eggA savings; a reserve of money.
nettle rashhives
never a dull momenta reflective sigh, lament relative to possible or actual undesirable conditions or developments
never change a running systemDon't change something that is working
never in a million yearsAbsolutely not.
never in a month of sundaysAt no time whatsoever.
never in a month of sundaysNever in a month of Sundays would I have imagined that you'd be this tall in real life!.
never leave anybody outNever forget a person dead or alive
never look a gift horse in the mouthAlternative form of don't look a gift horse in the mouth.
never mindDo not be concerned.
never mindI withdraw my previous statement.
never mindIt is not important; do not fret.
never you mindDo not concern yourself with it; it is none of your business.
new messagemessages coming to the inbox
new schoolA style, way of thinking, or method for accomplishing a task that is typical of the current era, as opposed to former eras.
next toAlmost; nearly.

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