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mickey finnspiked drinkRate it:
Mickey MouseThe most famous Disney character, an anthropomorphic mouse.Rate it:
Mickey MouseOf an item of inferior quality.Rate it:
Midas touchThe ability to gain success or financial reward from one's actions.Rate it:
Midas touchthe ability to turn everything one touches into gold.Rate it:
middle groundA compromise position between extremes.Rate it:
middle groundThe middle distance.Rate it:
middle of nowhereNowhere; any place lacking population, interesting things, or defining characteristics.Rate it:
middle of the roadHaving a centrist attitude or philosophy; not extreme, especially politically.Rate it:
middle of the roadOf a type of melodic popular music that has wide appeal.Rate it:
midi systemhi-fiRate it:
might is rightAlternative form of might makes right.Rate it:
might makes rightThe stronger and more powerful rule others, control the situation or determine right and wrong.Rate it:
mighty oaks from little acorns growSomething great can come from a modest beginning.Don't give up on the project - mighty oaks from little acorns grow!Rate it:
mike upTo fit a microphone and transmitter to a person. Usually for television performers, or for police informers.Rate it:
mill aroundTo move or circulate in a confused or disorderly manner within a limited area.Rate it:
Miller of DeeSomeone who lives independently and unattached to others, especially for selfish reasons.Rate it:
mills of the gods grind slowlyJustice may arrive slowly, but it cannot be avoided.Rate it:
mince wordsTo restrain oneself in a conversation by withholding some comments or using euphemisms.Rate it:
mind one's own businessTo concern oneself only with what is of interest to oneself and not interfere in the affairs of others.Rate it:
mind one's p's and q'sAlternative spelling of mind one's p's and q's.Rate it:
mind one's p's and q'sTo be very careful to behave correctly.Rate it:
mind one's ps and qsTo be very careful to behave correctly.Rate it:
mind over matterWillpower alone can overcome a physical problem.Rate it:
mind the storeTo remain present in a retail business, in order to maintain the security of the premises and to serve customers.Rate it:
mind the storeTo take active responsibility for a group or process, especially within an organization.Rate it:
mind youMind that you; be careful that you.Rate it:
mind youUsed to draw attention to adjacent words.Rate it:
mind's earThe mental faculty or inner sense with which one produces or reproduces imagined or recalled sounds solely within the mind; the supposed organ within the mind which experiences such sounds.Rate it:
mind-numbingExcessively boring, tedious, or dull; repetitive; of an activity, etc., lacking any interest or variety that might serve as intellectual stimulation.Rate it:
mine arse on a bandboxAn answer to the offer of any thing inadequate to the purpose for which it is proffered, like offering a bandbox for a seat.Rate it:
miner's canaryA caged bird kept caged in mines because its demise provided a warning of dangerous levels of toxic gases.Rate it:
miner's canaryAny thing, especially an organism, whose demise or distress provides an early warning of danger.Rate it:
miners' canaryA caged bird kept caged in mines because its demise provided a warning of dangerous levels of toxic gases.Rate it:
miners' canaryAny thing, especially an organism, whose demise or distress provides an early warning of danger.Rate it:
minesweepernaval vesselRate it:
mint chocolate chipUsed other than as an idiom: see mint, chocolate chip.Rate it:
mint chocolate chipIce cream made with a spearmint or peppermint base and chocolate chips.Rate it:
mint conditionUsed, but still like new, as if freshly minted.Rate it:
mint humbugboiled sweetRate it:
mint sauceserve this with lambRate it:
misery loves companyRepetitious, droll, depressing revelations of one's hard luck, always being left out of the fun, the prizes, never invited, always overlooked and pleading that others will come to the rescue!Rate it:
misery loves companyMisery is easier to bear when one is not the only one miserable.Rate it:
misfortunes never come singlybad things or situations always come in groups, they never come in a single way.Rate it:
miss outTo miss an experience or lose an opportunity, etc. that should not be missed.Rate it:
Miss RightA perfect, ideal or suitable female mate or wife.Rate it:
miss the boatTo fail to take advantage of an opportunity; to overlook or be too late to pursue an option or course of action.Rate it:
miss the boatTo miss out (on something); to be ignorant (of something).Rate it:
miss the markTo fail to hit the target.Rate it:
miss the markTo fail to reach the result that was intended.Rate it:

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