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mix upTo mix or blend.Rate it:
mix upTo confuse or reverse.Rate it:
mixed bagAny bag containing a mixture of something.Rate it:
mixed bagBy extension, a group of entities with few characteristics in common; an assortment.Rate it:
mixed bagSomething tending to have both good and bad results or characteristics; something having a mixture of advantages and disadvantages.Rate it:
mixed blessingSomething that has both good and bad features.Rate it:
mixed messageAny communication that is contradictory, inconsistent, or unclear, especially in its motive or intent.Rate it:
mixed pictureA situation in which both negatives and positives are found.Rate it:
mock upTo create a model or demonstration; to create a preliminary version or sample.Rate it:
mocking is catchingAn admonishment to be careful of criticising others, lest the same happen to you.Mocking is Catching was the title of a 1726 song by Henry Carey.Rate it:
modest proposalA idea which is especially extreme, unorthodox or distasteful, often put forward in jest.Rate it:
modest proposalUsed other than as an idiom: see modest, proposal.Rate it:
moment in the sunA brief instance in which an otherwise obscure, unremarkable, or humble person draws attention.Rate it:
moment of truthA deciding instant; the time when a test determines or makes it apparent whether something will succeed.Rate it:
monday bluesLazy mood in monday, after the weekend.Rate it:
Monday-morning quarterbackSomeone who criticizes from hindsight.Rate it:
Monday-morning quarterbackTo criticize from hindsight.Rate it:
money can't buy happinessMoney can buy external things, but true happiness comes from inside.Rate it:
money doesn't grow on treesYou must work in order to have money.Rate it:
money for jamMoney made very easily.Rate it:
money for old ropeMoney exchanged for goods of low value.Rate it:
money makerA woman's buttocks.Rate it:
money makerSomething profitable.Rate it:
money pitA possession or financial commitment that creates substantial ongoing expenses, especially one whose costs are considered to be unsustainable.Rate it:
money talksIt is easier to accomplish goals using money instead of just talk.Rate it:
money's worthA good or service which is considered to be of a value equal to or greater than the amount of money expended for it.Rate it:
money's worthSatisfaction.Rate it:
money's worthRecompense or just deserts, especially as resulting from dealing with a perceived injury or injustice.Rate it:
monitored by exceptionBy monitoring eks. hardware you can do it by exception as you can or will not monitore all components.Rate it:
monkey aroundTo act foolishly.Rate it:
monkey businessAn activity that is considered silly, or stupid, or time-wasting.Rate it:
monkey businessAn activity that may be considered illegal, questionable, or a vice, but not felonious.Rate it:
monkey businessDo your homework and forget about all this monkey business.Rate it:
monkey businessWasting time, or effort, on some foolish project.Rate it:
monkey on one's backA state of persistent distress or worry or the cause of such a state.Rate it:
monkey on one's backAn addiction, especially to narcotic drugs.Rate it:
monkey see, monkey dosimian imitation is a common trait in primatesRate it:
monkey wrenchA pipe wrench.Rate it:
monkey wrenchA problem, obstacle or dilemma; something unexpected or troublesome.Rate it:
monkey wrenchA wrench with a smooth adjustable jaw to grip different sizes of nuts.Rate it:
monkeys might fly out of my buttusually used as a response (often with hint of sarcasm) to a situation that you think there is no chance of ever occurringRate it:
Monopoly moneyPlay money printed on paper, especially differently colored denominations of the board game Monopoly.Rate it:
Monopoly moneyBills of foreign currency which are brightly colored or printed on flimsy paper.Rate it:
Monopoly moneyMoney that doesn't really exist, referring to fraudulent record keeping.Rate it:
montha collection of days make up a month, there are 12 months in a year, or 56 weeks in a year, or 365 days in a yearRate it:
month of sundaysA very long time; too long.Rate it:
moo-burgerA hamburg cooked extra rare.Rate it:
moon on a stickEverything; all that one could desire (especially as an unreasonable demand).Rate it:
mop the floor with somebodyTo trounce or defeat thoroughly or in a humiliating manner.Rate it:
mop the floor with someoneTo trounce or defeat thoroughly or in a humiliating manner.Rate it:

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