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meet halfway:Adjust to needs and rights of others:Rate it:
meet one's makerTo die or to pass into the afterlife.Rate it:
meet upTo meet somebody, by arrangement.Rate it:
meet withUsed other than as an idiom: see meet, with.Rate it:
meet withTo have a meeting with (someone).Rate it:
meet withTo encounter; to experience.Rate it:
meet withTo answer (something) with; to respond to (something) with.Rate it:
meet withTo strike (something).Rate it:
meet withTo contact or touch (something).Rate it:
meeting of the mindsAn agreement, especially one resulting from a gathering in which discussion or negotiation took place.Rate it:
melon headA dimwit, a fool.Rate it:
melon headA melon-headed whale.Rate it:
melt intoTo become a liquid by melting.Rate it:
melt intoTo disappear into.Rate it:
melting potCome together and are homogenized.Rate it:
member for barkshireSaid of one troubled with a cough, vulgarly styled barking.Rate it:
memory laneA set of recollections available to be reviewed, especially accompanied by a feeling of nostalgia.Rate it:
memory like a sieveAlternative form of mind like a sieve.Rate it:
mend fencesTo repair damage to a friendship or relationship after a disagreement or other mishap.Rate it:
mend one's waysTo recognise one's failings and attempt to remedy them.Rate it:
mercuryA silvery-colored metallic chemical element, liquid at room temperature, with atomic number 80 and symbol Hg.Rate it:
Merry AndrewA person who clowns publicly; a buffoon; an entertainer's assistant.Rate it:
merry danceA useless waste of time resulting from a deception.Rate it:
mess aroundTo fiddle idly.Rate it:
mess aroundTo joke, kid, or play.Rate it:
mess aroundTo have a non-committal sexual relationship.Rate it:
mess of pottageSomething of trivial value, especially of immediate value.Rate it:
mess upTo make a mess of; to untidy, disorder, soil, or muss.Rate it:
mess upTo cause a problem with; to introduce an error or mistake in; to make muddled or confused; spoil; ruin.Rate it:
mess upTo botch, bungle; to perform poorly on.Rate it:
mess upTo make a mistake; to do something incorrectly; to perform poorly.Rate it:
mess upTo make unwanted mistakes in a given task, usually through distraction or obnoxious behavior.Rate it:
mess upTo damage; injure.Rate it:
mess upTo manhandle; beat up; rough up.Rate it:
mess upTo discombobulate, utterly confuse, or confound psychologically; to throw into a state of mental disarray.Rate it:
mess withTo interfere.Rate it:
mess withTo diss; to put down.Rate it:
mete outTo distribute something in portions; to apportion or dole out.Rate it:
Mexican breakfastA breakfast consisting of a cigarette and a glass of water, supposedly because that is all Mexicans can afford.Rate it:
Mexican standoffA stalemate, or a confrontation between two or more sides that no side can win.Rate it:
Mexican standoffA confrontation between two or more armed parties, neither of which wants to attack first (fearing that the other could retaliate), but neither of which will disarm (for fear the other will attack).Rate it:
Mexican standoffA near-collision between two trains, an averted cornfield meet.Rate it:
mickey finnspiked drinkRate it:
Mickey MouseThe most famous Disney character, an anthropomorphic mouse.Rate it:
Mickey MouseOf an item of inferior quality.Rate it:
Midas touchThe ability to gain success or financial reward from one's actions.Rate it:
Midas touchthe ability to turn everything one touches into gold.Rate it:
middle groundA compromise position between extremes.Rate it:
middle groundThe middle distance.Rate it:
middle of nowhereNowhere; any place lacking population, interesting things, or defining characteristics.Rate it:

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