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Mary Celestea ship found empty of all people, in good condition, seemingly abandoned on the high seasRate it:
Mary Celestea ghost shipRate it:
mass destructionUsed other than as an idiom: see mass, destruction.Rate it:
mass destructionKilling of large numbers of people.Rate it:
Master of the UniverseGodRate it:
Master of the Universea powerful personRate it:
Master of the Universehighly successful business personRate it:
match dayThe day graduating medical-school students find out where they will serve as residents.Rate it:
match dayUsed other than as an idiom: The day of a match.Rate it:
match made in heavenA marriage that is likely to be happy and successful because the two people are very compatible with each other.Rate it:
match made in heavenA very successful combination of two people or things.Rate it:
match made in hellA marriage that is likely to be unhappy or abusive and unsuccessful because the two people are very incompatible with each other.Rate it:
match made in hellA very unsuccessful or conflicting combination of two people or things.Rate it:
matter of courseA natural or logical outcome.Rate it:
matter of courseAn expected or customary outcome.Rate it:
matter of factA fact.Rate it:
matter of factA more factual correction.Rate it:
matter of factSomething completely true.Rate it:
matter of life and deathSomething whose outcome could result in either someone's survival or their deathRate it:
matter of life and deathAn extremely urgent matter.Rate it:
matter of timean inevitable result; something that is bound to happenRate it:
may the force be with youUsed to wish someone luck with a difficult endeavor.Rate it:
me threeUsed to express agreement, after someone has already said "me too".Rate it:
meal ticketA ticket or voucher that can be exchanged for food.Rate it:
meal ticketSomeone or something that provides income or livelihood, especially as an exploited source.Rate it:
meals on wheelsFood delivered to the homes of those unable to cook for themselves.Rate it:
mean businessTo be serious, especially where achieving a specific end against opposition is concerned.Rate it:
mean the world toTo be loved or cared about a great deal by.Rate it:
meantime, back at the ranchA reminder during conversation, things are alright back at the ranch/home/headquarters, business-place, office et al.Rate it:
measure twice and cut once(literally, carpentry) One should double-check one's measurements for accuracy before cutting a piece of wood; otherwise it may be necessary to cut again, wasting time and material.1872, "Dressmaking," Hall's Journal of Health, vol. 19, no. 12, p. 280:Look at Carpenters! . . . In old times it was a proverb "Measure twice, and cut once."(figuratively, by extension) Plan and prepare in a careful, thorough manner before taking action.2008, Hilary Johnson, "Mergers rattle bank relations," Financial Week, 9 Nov. (retrieved 9 Nov. 2008):Mr. Paz noted that since the onset of the credit crisis, eBay, like other companies, hasnRate it:
measure twice, cut onceAlternative form of measure twice and cut once.Rate it:
measure upTo meet expectations; to be as good as.Rate it:
measuring the drapesMaking premature or unwarranted preparations for victory, especially election to public officeRate it:
meat and potatoesnormal, average, typical, unexceptional, or nondescript in descriptionRate it:
meat marketA market where meat is sold.Rate it:
meat marketOr night club.Rate it:
meat rackA place where people can meet looking for sexual partners.Rate it:
meat rackA rack used for storing meat.Rate it:
meat sticka man's penisRate it:
meatball surgeryA nickname for surgery that is meant to be performed rapidly to stabilize the patient as quickly as possible.Rate it:
meatyOf a person or a body part, large and solid.Rate it:
meatyOf, relating to, or containing meat.Rate it:
meatyResembling meat in flavour, etc.Rate it:
meatySubstantial.Rate it:
media darlingA celebrity who is especially popular and who receives frequent and very favorable attention in the news media.Rate it:
medicine mansharmanRate it:
meet and greetAn event where people can meet (especially, with famous people)Rate it:
meet halfwayTo compromise; to achieve a mutual accommodation.Rate it:
meet halfwayTo compromise with or to accommodate.Rate it:
meet halfwayTo settle (contrary opinions, etc.) by making concessions.Rate it:

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