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man is man to manThe human is a human for itselfRate it:
man madeartificialRate it:
man of few wordsA man who doesn't speak much, or speaks only for a short period of time.Rate it:
man of one's wordSomeone who sticks to their promisesRate it:
man of partsA man that is talented in multiple areas of life. This includes but is not limited to the area of seduction. He puts very little emphasis on memorized scripts or "peacocking" and instead relies on individualized ways to charm a woman.Rate it:
man of the hourA man who has recently caught the attention of, or is being admired or honoured by, a large number of people.Rate it:
man of the peopleOne who shows understanding of and sympathy for the concerns of ordinary people, and who has a rapport with and acceptance by ordinary people.Rate it:
Man On The Roof!Depression Daze "Warning" in a Social Gathering or 'Knot of Male Conversationalists' of proximity of A Lady Within Earshot, So "Watch Your Filthy Language!"Rate it:
man on the streetAn ordinary member of the general public, especially one who lacks special expertise.Rate it:
man proposes, god disposesThings don't always work out as they were planned.Rate it:
man the fortTo take care of a place or situation in another's absence.Rate it:
man to boyfrom childhoodRate it:
man uprise to the occasion , admit to it , face it...Rate it:
man upStand up and take the consequences, Get it together and take immediate action, face the music and dance!Rate it:
man upHis station, prepared for departure of an aircraft, ship, etc.Rate it:
man upTo "be a man about it"; to do the things a good man is traditionally expected to do, such as: taking responsibility for the consequences of one's actions; displaying bravery or toughness in the face of adversity; providing for one's family, etc.Rate it:
man upTo staff adequately; to staff up; to successfully fill all needed labor positions.Rate it:
man-of-warUsed other than as an idiom: see man, of, war. (A military man.)Rate it:
man-of-warAn armed naval vessel, primarily one armed with cannon and propelled by sails.Rate it:
man-of-warA jellyfish-like marine cnidarian of the family Physaliidae, a Portuguese man-of-war or Pacific man-of-war.Rate it:
man-of-warA man of war bird, a magnificent frigatebird.Rate it:
managerial inbreedingBad management, caused by managers making poor selection choices in recruitment, rewards, and promotions of the staff that report to them, leading to another generation of managers who lack the necessary skill sets to reward and promote the most effective staff.Rate it:
mandare a monteTo mess up, to ruin.Rate it:
manoeuvre the apostlesTo rob Peter to pay Paul; that is, to borrow money of one man to pay another.Rate it:
many a mickle makes a muckle(UK) a lot of small amounts together, become a large amount.Rate it:
many hands make light workA large number of people co-operating can perform tasks easily.Rate it:
many happy returnsA greeting, usually for birthdays, in reference to the passing year; Happy birthday!.Rate it:
map outTo organise the basic plan for a project.Rate it:
map out my dayList tasks, phone-calls, errands, must-do's, for the day.Rate it:
map out my dayAn action to formulate, plan, schedule one's energies, or attention to various agendas in order of importance:Rate it:
march to the beat of a different drumTo do things in one's own way regardless of societal norms and expectations.Rate it:
marching ordersInstructions for action.Rate it:
marching ordersDismissal: an instruction to leave.Rate it:
mark downTo reduce the price of.Rate it:
mark downTo write a memorandum about.Rate it:
mark my wordsListen to me; used before a statement one wishes to emphasize.Rate it:
mark timeMarching in place; not going anywhere.Rate it:
Mark Time!Stay With IT!, Us, the Action, The Group, The Program, the Thrust, 'What's Going-On'!Rate it:
mark upTo increase the price of something between its wholesale and retail phase.Rate it:
mark upTo add coding to text so that it will display properly on a computer.Rate it:
market dayUsed other than as an idiom: see market, day.Rate it:
market dayThe day of the week in which a market is held in some particular location.Rate it:
married sectorAny of two or more flight sectors in an itinerary that can not be rebooked or changed separately from the other sectors, due to fare rules or market restrictions.Rate it:
married sectorUsed other than as an idiom. the portion of the population that is married.Rate it:
marry in haste, repent at leisureGetting married too soon will lead to a bad marriage.Rate it:
marry in haste, repent at leisureTwo things together too soon will lead to problems.Rate it:
marry offto force someone to get married, usually a relative.Rate it:
marsh grassUsed other than as an idiom: see marsh, grass.Rate it:
marsh grassA genus (Spartina) of coarse grasses growing in marshes.Rate it:
Mary Celestea British-flagged Nova Scotian brigantine that crossed the Atlantic Ocean, gone through the Straits of Gibraltar, and into the Mediterranean Sea under full sail, without a crew or any occupants.Rate it:

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