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make senseTo decipher or understand.Rate it:
make short work ofTo make a task quicker or easier.Rate it:
make someone a happy pandato make someone happy and contentRate it:
make someone's blood boilTo cause a person to feel angry or very annoyed, especially in situation in which one cannot fully display that feeling to others.Rate it:
make someone's blood run coldTo cause a person to feel fear, horror, dread, or strong forboding.Rate it:
make someone's dayTo make someone happy or to be a source of satisfaction.Rate it:
make someone's jaw dropTo cause someone to be surprised or alarmed.Rate it:
make someone's skin crawlTo disturb or bother; to frighten or disgust.Rate it:
make someone's teeth itchTo bother or unsettle a person; to put someone on edge.Rate it:
make something of oneselfTo attempt to be successful on one's own initiative.Rate it:
make sureTo verify; to recheck; to use extra care or caution.Rate it:
make the cutTo succeed; to be chosen out of a field of candidates or possibilities.Rate it:
make the gradeTo prove satisfactory; to be successful or worthy of merit.Rate it:
make the most ofTo profit as much as possible from.Rate it:
make the welkin ringBy extension of.Rate it:
make the welkin ringBy extension of , to celebrate or revel.Rate it:
make the welkin ringTo make a loud noise.Rate it:
make the world go roundto have a crucial role in keeping things working as they shouldRate it:
make timeTo reserve a period of time to do something.Rate it:
make timeTo travel at faster than usual speed.Rate it:
make timeTo spend time with a person in or in pursuit of a romantic relationship.Rate it:
make tracksTo leave in a hurry.Rate it:
make tracksTo leave or depart; to go away.Rate it:
make upTo constitute; to compose; to form.Rate it:
make upTo compensate, fill in or catch up.Rate it:
make upTo assemble, or mix.Rate it:
make upTo apply cosmetics or makeup.Rate it:
make upTo resolve, forgive or smooth over an argument or fight.Rate it:
make up one's mindTo decide; to reach a conclusion.Rate it:
make wavesTo cause a disturbance.Rate it:
make wavesTo upset the status quo.Rate it:
make wayTo make progress.Rate it:
make wayTo progress through the water .Rate it:
make wayTo give place or step aside.Rate it:
make wayan instruction to get out of the way of someone else, usually because they are carrying something and need a clear pathway. Compare with gangway.Rate it:
make your head swimStaggering exasperationRate it:
making a mountain out of a molehillIn the process of making a judgement call relative to a situation or incident one can easily gather unconfirmed reports, unsubstantiated evidence which can lead to making a mountain out of a molehill.Rate it:
male chauvinist pigsexist manRate it:
male-to-femaleUsed other than as an idiom: see female, to, male.Rate it:
male-to-femaleChanging or having changed (via gender reassignment surgery) from being physically male to being female.Rate it:
male-to-femaleChanging or having changed from having a male gender (gender identity or presentation) to being female.Rate it:
male-to-femaleThat changes a male end (with pins, usually a plug) of a connection into a female one (usually a socket).Rate it:
mama's boyA male person, especially a young man or boy, who is overly attached to or influenced by his mother; a sissy.Rate it:
man among menA man who is accepted on the same terms, and as having the same worth, as other men in society.Rate it:
man among menA superior or remarkable man who stands out from other men; a leader or exemplar for other men.Rate it:
man and boyDuring one's manhood and during one's boyhoodRate it:
man and wifeA newly married coupleRate it:
man downTo lose courageRate it:
man in the streetA typical person, unversed in a given subject; an inexpert commoner.Rate it:
man is a wolf to manHumans prey upon one another.Rate it:

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