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make hay while the sun shinesTo act while an opportunity exists; to take action while a situation is favorable.Rate it:
make head or tail ofTo determine to be good or bad.Rate it:
make head or tail ofTo understand even minimally.Rate it:
make headwayTo progress; to move forward.Rate it:
make heavy going ofto make heavy weather ofRate it:
make heavy weather ofTo overcomplicate things, to make things appear worst than they are.Rate it:
make historyTo do something that will be remembered widely for a long time.Rate it:
make itTo become famous and successful.Rate it:
make itTo have sex.Rate it:
make itTo reach a place.Rate it:
make itTo survive, to live through something.Rate it:
make it bigTo become famous and successful.Rate it:
make it do or do withoutIf you don't have a lot of money, extend the life of what you have.Rate it:
make it snappyDo it quickly; be quick about it.Rate it:
make it up as one goes alongTo improvise continuously.Rate it:
make it up toto pay back, to return someone a previous good deed.Rate it:
make life a stone grooveMeans to live a happy, adventurous, loving, enjoyable and overall fun-filled life to the fullest, as if each day was your last.Rate it:
make light ofTo regard without due seriousness; to joke or disregard inappropriately.Rate it:
make light work ofThis term needs a definition. Please help out and add a definition, then remove the text {{rfdef}}.Rate it:
make like a banana and splitto leave, departRate it:
make like a tree and leaveto leave, departRate it:
make matters worseTo worsen an already difficult situation or unfavourable set of circumstances, typically by acting rashly, foolishly, or incompetently.Rate it:
make mincemeat out ofTo defeat one's opponent easily and completely during a fight, contest, or debate.Rate it:
make my dayA positive incident, development, sidebar success, which heavily solidifies, enhances plans in a particular thrust or agenda:Rate it:
make no apologiesTo believe that what you have done is acceptable.Rate it:
make no bones aboutTo see no difficulty in, have no objection to.Rate it:
make offTo run away; to exit.Rate it:
make off withTo steal something and run.Rate it:
make one's bedTo make the bed in which one has slept.Rate it:
make one's bedAlternative form of make one's bed and lie in it.Rate it:
make one's bed and lie in itTo create a difficult situation whose unpleasant consequences one must now endure.Rate it:
make one's markTo make, or leave, a lasting impression, especially to achieve apparent success.Rate it:
make one's markTo sign (a document) by making a cross or other mark.Rate it:
make one's wayTo move forward, usually toward a destination or goal, physically or conceptually.Rate it:
make oneself scarceTo leave or depart, or to avoid or stay away.Rate it:
make outTo discern.Rate it:
make outTo designate as the recipient.Rate it:
make outTo characterize as; often with to be.Rate it:
make outTo kiss or to make love.Rate it:
make outTo succeed; to turn out or end up.Rate it:
make outTo fabricate a story.Rate it:
make out like a banditTo profit greatly; to get an excessively good deal.Rate it:
make overTo renovate or to convert to a different use.Rate it:
make overTo transfer ownership, especially by means of a legal document.Rate it:
make peaceTo end hostilities; to reach a peace agreement.Rate it:
make peaceTo settle a dispute or disagreement.Rate it:
make peaceTo initiate or resume a cordial relationship after a period of animosity.Rate it:
make peaceTo accept something, especially if it is considered unfavourable.Rate it:
make quick work ofTo accomplish a specified task easily and quickly.Rate it:
make senseTo be coherent or reasonable.Rate it:

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