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make a livingTo earn enough income to support oneself and, if applicable, one's family.Rate it:
make a meal ofThat is the eleventh edit that you have made to that word, you are really making a meal of it.Rate it:
make a meal ofTo spend more time and energy on some task than it warrants; to make something overly complicated.Rate it:
make a mockery ofTo mock; to ridicule or imitate, often to express contemptRate it:
make a monkey out ofTo cause a person, organization, or action to appear foolish or inferior; to subject someone or something to ridicule..Rate it:
make a mountain out of a molehillTo treat a problem as greater than it is; to blow something out of proportion; to exaggerate the importance of something trivial.Rate it:
make a moveTo depart from a place.Rate it:
make a moveTo initiate a conversation or perform an action intended to engage the willing attention of a person in whom one has a romantic or sexual interest.Rate it:
make a name for oneselfTo gain fame.Rate it:
make a pig of oneselfTo eat to excess; to overeat; to gorge.Rate it:
make a pig's ear ofTo do badly; to make a mess of.Rate it:
make a pointTo argue or promote an idea.Rate it:
make a pointTo take care in doing something of something; to pay attention or ensure that something is done.Rate it:
make a profitearn money from good done jobRate it:
make a pug faceTo put on a sorry face, as a pug would look.Rate it:
make a pug-facePutting on a sorry face, as a pug would look.Rate it:
make a silk purse of a sow's earTo produce something refined, admirable, or valuable from something which is unrefined, unpleasant, or of little or no value.Rate it:
make a spectacle of oneselfTo embarrass oneself or others in publicRate it:
make a splashTo do something that attracts attention.Rate it:
make a stinkTo complain; to demand attention or remedy for a problem.Rate it:
make a virtue of necessityC. 1595, William Shakespeare, Two Gentlemen of Verona, act 4, sc.1.Rate it:
make a virtue of necessityTo make the best of a difficult situation; to recast or portray an action or situation in which one has no alternatives as an action or situation which was deliberately chosen on its merits.Rate it:
make a wagerplace a bet as in gamblingRate it:
make amendsTo repair a relationship; to make up; to resolve an argument or fight; to make reparations or redress.Rate it:
make an appearanceTo turn up to an event for a brief moment.Rate it:
make an ass ofTo cause (someone) to seem foolish.Rate it:
make an example ofHe made an example of the drunken sailor with twenty lashes, to show that he must have a sober crew.Rate it:
make an example ofTo punish someone so as to be a warning to others.Rate it:
make an exhibition of oneselfShe had far too much to drink and made an exhibition of herself by flirting with everyone.Rate it:
make an exhibition of oneselfTo embarrass oneself or others in public.Rate it:
make an honest womanEspecially if she is having a sexual relationship.Rate it:
make baby Jesus cryTo provoke a negative reaction due to being offensive, unpleasant, immoral, etc.Rate it:
make believeTo pretend or imagine.Rate it:
make bookTo be very confident.Rate it:
make bookTo gamble, either by placing or taking bets.Rate it:
make doTo put solution to a matter precariously (limited or inadequate means available).Rate it:
make do withTo get along with whatever is available.Rate it:
make ends meetTo have enough money to cover expenses; to get by financially; to get through the pay period (sufficient to meet the next payday).Rate it:
make facesAlternative form of make a face.Rate it:
make forTo move towards.Rate it:
make for????, translator unknown, author Galileo Galilei, Two Chief World Systems.Rate it:
make forTo tend to produce or result in.Rate it:
make forhead towardsRate it:
make fun ofTo tease, ridicule or make jokes about.Rate it:
make game ofTo ridicule; to jest.Rate it:
make good onto fulfill (a promise etc)Rate it:
make groundgain ground; make progress.Rate it:
make hastehurryRate it:
make hayTo cut grass to turn into hay for animal feed.Rate it:
make hayTo take advantage of an opportunity.Rate it:

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