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moving along at a snail's paceThe slow start of an agenda, the maintenance of a slothful effort, spending half a day to complete a two hour job.Rate it:
much ado about nothingA lot of fuss about something trivial.Rate it:
much lessLet alone; to say nothing of.Rate it:
much of a muchnessOf two or more things, having little difference of any significance between them.Rate it:
muck aboutTo do random unplanned work or spend time idly.Rate it:
muck aboutTo do somethings with a piece of equipment when you do not understand how it works.Rate it:
muck aboutTo be playful; full of fun and high spirits.Rate it:
muck aroundMeans the same as muck about.Rate it:
muck inTo join in attaining a common aim.Rate it:
muck outTo clean the excrement and other rubbish from the area where an animal is kept, such as a horse stable or a dog kennel.Rate it:
muckamuckFood.Rate it:
muckamuckA person in a position of power, authority, or status.Rate it:
muckety muckA person in a position of power, authority, or status.Rate it:
mud monkeya piece of faecesRate it:
muddy the watersTo make something unclear and difficult to understand.Rate it:
muffin topUsed other than as an idiom: see muffin, top; the top of a muffin, sometimes removed to be eaten separately.Rate it:
muffin topThe roll of flesh that bulges over the top of excessively tight trousers.Rate it:
mug shotpolice photoRate it:
mug upTo study intensely.Rate it:
mug's gameA foolish, profitless, or hopeless undertaking.Rate it:
mull overTo think deeply about something; to ponder, deliberate or ruminate.Rate it:
mum's the wordThe accompanying facts are a secret, not to be divulged.Rate it:
murder will outA murderer will always be discovered.Rate it:
murder will outSecrets or hidden crimes will eventually be exposed or discovered.Rate it:
muscle inTo interfere, or intrude forcibly.Rate it:
muscle in onTo interfere with, or intrude on something forcibly.Rate it:
muscle-up to the jobStep right UP to the tasks at Hand!Rate it:
mush upto cause to become mushyRate it:
music hallvaudevilleRate it:
music to one's earSome unexpected good news; a favorable outcome after some initial confusion or delay.Rate it:
music to someone's earsSome good news; a spoken expression or a sound which is pleasing; a welcome remark or information.Rate it:
mutton dressed as lambA mature woman dressed in a style more suited to a young woman, especially if a deliberate attempt to appear young.Rate it:
mutual admiration societyA group of two or more people, in a workplace or other social environment, who routinely express considerable esteem and support for one another, sometimes to the point of exaggeration or pretense.Rate it:
my arseIndicates disapproval, disregard, disdain, disgust or disbelief.Rate it:
my badMy fault; mea culpa.Rate it:
my dearest loveA greeting or salutationRate it:
my enemy's enemy is my friendAlternative form of the enemy of my enemy is my friend.Rate it:
my eyeCheech and Chong.Rate it:
my eyeExpression of disapproval, disregard, disdain, disgust or disbelief.Rate it:
my facmy faceRate it:
my footIndicates disapproval, disregard, disdain, disgust or disbelief.Rate it:
my goodnessUsed to express surprise, shock, or amazement. Also as "oh my goodness".Rate it:
my honey-do'sHoney-do's are the little chores requested by a spouse: A wise man will seek to discover these needs on the part of his spouse and accomplish them promptly:Rate it:
my lips are sealedSee keep one's lips sealed.Rate it:
my myAn extension of my! used to express surprise or pleasure. Also "my my my!".Rate it:
my way or the highwayWill be excluded.Rate it:
my word(dated, US, Canada) An expression of surprise.Rate it:
my word(dated, US, Canada) Indeed.Rate it:
myope comme une taupeBlind as a bat.Rate it:

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