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mop upTo clean with a mop; especially to clean up a spill or mess.Rate it:
mop upTo fix problems; to correct or repair.Rate it:
moral compassAn inner sense which distinguishes what is right from what is wrong, functioning as a guide (like the needle of a compass) for morally appropriate behavior.Rate it:
moral compassA person, belief system, etc. serving as a guide for morally appropriate behavior.Rate it:
moral compassThe full range of virtues, vices, or actions which may affect others and which are available as choices (like the directions on the face of a compass) to a person, to a group, or to people in general.Rate it:
moral high groundA position or point of view which is ethically superior or more reputable, in comparison to others which are under consideration.Rate it:
moral low groundA position or point of view which is unethical or less reputable, in comparison to others which are under consideration.Rate it:
moral supportAssistance given to a person or cause, usually without getting directly involved.Rate it:
more Catholic than the PopeAdhering more stringently to Roman Catholic practices and doctrine than is required by church doctrine.Rate it:
more Catholic than the PopehypocriticalRate it:
more cry than woolAsserted but not grounded in reality.Rate it:
more equalOstensibly equal, but in reality more privileged.Rate it:
more haste, less speedWhen we are in a hurry, we often end up completing our task slower.Rate it:
more like itBetter, more desirable.Rate it:
more or lessapproximatelyRate it:
more than you can shake a stick atAlternative form of more than one can shake a stick at.Rate it:
more's the pityIt is a pity; it is unfortunate.Rate it:
morning personA person whose who wakes up without difficulty early each morning and who is alert and active during the first part of the day.Rate it:
morning, noon and nightConstantly; ceaselessly; without stopping.Rate it:
moses basketportable cradleRate it:
moshismall virtual online creatures, aimed at preschool children to help learnRate it:
mother henA female chicken who bears eggs or chicks.Rate it:
mother henAn outspoken and overprotective woman dealing with others' affairs.Rate it:
mother lodeA large or rich vein of gold or of another precious mineral from which other branches extend.Rate it:
mother lodeAny source of valuable or useful material.Rate it:
motor mouthOne who talks incessantly; a chatty or loquacious person.Rate it:
mouse potatoA person who spends excessive amounts of time using a computer.Rate it:
mouth breatherA person who is boorish, stupid, or otherwise unattractive.Rate it:
mouth breatherA person who routinely inhales and exhales through the mouth, instead of through the nose.Rate it:
mouth of a sailorThe characteristic of regularly using vulgar language, especially strong profanities; a person having this characteristic.Rate it:
mouth offTo complain or otherwise express oneself in a loud, immoderate manner.Rate it:
mouth offTo talk impudently, especially to one's superior.Rate it:
mouth organharmonicaRate it:
mouthed offsimple past tense and past participle of mouth offRate it:
mouthful of marblesAn indistinct, muffled or garbled manner of speaking.Rate it:
move forwardUsed other than as an idiom: see move, forward.Rate it:
move forwardTo progress, modernizeRate it:
move heaven and earthTo do whatever is necessary, including extreme or unusual actions; to go to extremes.Rate it:
move houseTo change one's place of residence.Rate it:
move itTo hurry; to hurry up.Rate it:
move onTo leave somewhere for another place.Rate it:
move onTo start dealing with something else.Rate it:
move one's bodyTo dance.Rate it:
move outTo vacate one's place of residence.Rate it:
move the goal postsTo unilaterally change the rules, or terms of an agreement, especially in an unfair or underhand way.Rate it:
move the goalpostsTo alter the agreed basis, scope, standards or target of a procedure or task during its course, especially to do so to someone's advantage.Rate it:
move the yardsticksTo make progress, as used in political and corporate venues to express proactive actions.Rate it:
move through the gearsTo gradually increase speed or output.Rate it:
mover and shakerSomeone who has power and influence in some field or activity.Rate it:
movie starfamous film actorRate it:

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