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l'esprit de l'escal…L-bombla goutte d'eau qui…
la goutte d'eau qui…labor of lovelabour of love
ladies and gentlemenladies firstladies man
ladies' loungeladies' loungeladies' man
lady abbesslady gardenlady of the night
lady or tigerlady's manlady's man
lager loutslame jokeland a windfall
land of opportunityland of plentyland on one's feet
land poorlanding gearlanding strip
landing striplap doglap dog
lap of luxurylap uplap up
lapsed academicLard-Oillarger than life
larger than lifelarger-than-lifelarger-than-life
lash outlash outlast burst of fire
last burst of firelast but not leastlast chance
last minutelast of the big spe…last post
last resortLast SupperLast Supper
last thinglast thing one needslast trump
last trumplast wordlast word
last wordlast-ditchlatch onto
latch-key childlate bloomerlate bloomer
late modellatter daylaugh a minute
laugh all the way t…laugh in one's slee…laugh like a drain
laugh like a hyenalaugh one's head offlaugh out of court
laugh up one's slee…laughing gaslaughing stock
laughing stocklaughter is the bes…laundry list
laundry listlaw Latinlaw of the jungle
lawn sleeveslawn sleeveslawn sleeves
lay a finger onlay a finger onlay about
lay aboutlay an egglay an egg
lay an egglay downlay down
lay downlay downlay down
lay down the lawlay down the lawlay down the law
lay down the markerlay eyes onlay hands on
lay it on the linelay it on thicklay it on thick
lay it on thicklay lowlay low
lay oddslay oddslay of the land
lay of the landlay offlay off
lay offlay offlay on
lay on the linelay on the linelay open
lay openlay openlay out
lay outlay overlay rubber
lay something at th…lay the groundworklay the pipe
lay to restlay uplay up
lay uplay uplay your cards on t…
laze aboutlaze aroundlead
leadlead a charmed lifelead down a garden …
lead nowherelead onlead on
lead someone down t…lead the linelead time
leader of the free …leading ladyleading light
leading manleaf throughleak out
leak outlean and meanlean on
lean onlean tolean towards
leap to mindleap yearleaped at the oppot…
leaps and boundsleaps and boundslearn by heart
leather workingleather-lungedleave behind
leave for deadleave for deadleave home
leave no stone untu…leave no stone untu…leave nothing to th…
leave nothing to th…leave offleave off
leave offleave somebody high…leave somebody hold…
leave somebody in t…leave someone high …leave someone holdi…
leave someone holdi…leave someone in th…leave to one's own …
leave well enough a…leave well enough a…leaves of three let…
left and rightleft fieldleft field
left, right and cen…left-handed complim…leg man
leg manleg pulllegal beagle
legal dutylegal dutylegal eagle
legally bindinglegally bindinglegend in one's own…
legworklegworklemon drop
lemon lawlemon solelemonize
lemonizelend a handlend itself to
less is morelesser of two evilslet a thousand flow…
let alonelet alonelet alone
let bygones be bygo…let downlet down
let flylet golet go
let golet golet go an anchor to…
let go and let godlet her hair downlet her rip
let inlet in onlet it all hang out!
let it all hang-out!let it belet loose
let nature take its…let offlet off
let onlet one's hair downlet oneself go
let oneself golet riplet sleeping dogs l…
let slidelet slidelet slide
let sliplet sliplet somebody down
let somebody in onlet someone down ge…let someone have it
let someone have itlet someone in onlet the cat out of …
let the cat out of …let the chips fall …let the good times …
let the grass grow …let the perfect be …let there be light
let there be lightlet there be no rep…let up
let uplet's not and say w…let's roll
let-downletters after one's…level best
level offlevel uplevel-headed
lex dubia non oblig…libel chilllicence to print mo…
licence to print mo…lick his bootslick one's chops
lick one's chopslick one's chopslick one's wounds
lick one's woundslick outlick someone's ass
lick someone's asslick the pants offlickety-split
licky-lickylie back and think …lie back and think …
lie beforelie beforelie detector
lie doggolie ill in one's mo…lie in wait
lie lowlie through one's t…life and limb
life and soul of th…life is just a bowl…life is like a box …
life is like a s***…life is not all bee…life of riley
life of the partylife's a bitchlife's a bitch and …
life's not all skit…life-or-deathlife-or-death
life-or-deathlift a fingerlift up
lift uplight a fire underlight as a feather
light at the end of…light bucketlight in the loafers
light intolight middleweightlight middleweight
light paintinglight paintinglight painting
light paintinglight uplight up
light uplighten someone's p…lighten up
lighter than airlightning fastlightning fast
lightning in a bott…lightning in a bott…lightning in a bott…
lightning in a bott…lightning never str…lightning-quick
like a bat out of h…like a bear with a …like a blue-arsed f…
like a bull in a ch…like a bull in a ch…like a bull in a ch…
like a bump on a loglike a cat in a str…like a cat on a hot…
like a charmlike a chicken with…like a chicken with…
like a dog in heatlike a dog on heatlike a dog with a b…
like a duck takes t…like a fish out of …like a hawk
like a hot knife th…like a kid in a can…like a lamb to the …
like a manlike a million buckslike a million doll…
like a ton of brickslike a trainlike chalk and chee…
like cheese at four…like clockworklike crack
like crazylike death warmed o…like father, like s…
like feeding time a…like gangbusterslike gold dust
like hot cakeslike it or lump itlike it's going out…
like nobody's busin…like one's life dep…like rats from a si…
like riding a bikelike shelling peaslike shooting fish …
like taking candy f…like the back end o…like the clappers
like the new timelike the sound of o…like the wind
like there is no to…like turkeys voting…like turkeys voting…
like two peas in a …like water off a du…like white on rice
like white on ricelily-liveredlimber as a dishrag
lime greenlimp dickline in the sand
line one's pocketslink whorelink whoring
links tolionlion
lionLion of JudahLion of Judah
lion's denlion's denlion's share
lip serviceliquid courageliquorice allsorts
listen inlisten inlisten up
little emperorlittle headlittle old
little oldlittle pitcherlittle pitchers hav…
little pitchers hav…little womanlittle woman
live a lielive and learnlive and let live
live by the sword, …live downlive in sin
live it uplive it uplive large
live offlive onlive on the edge
live on the edgelive onelive one
live onelive paycheck to pa…live the dream
live uplive wirelive wire
live withliven things upliving death
living endliving high on the …living impaired
load upload upload up
loaded diceloaded diceloaded for bear
loaded for bearloaded to the gillsloaded word
loaf aboutloaf aroundloan shark
lock hornslock lipslock up
lock uplock uplock up
lock, stock and bar…locker room humorlog off
log offlog outlol
lone gunmanlone itlong absent, soon f…
long ago and far aw…long armlong arm
long arm of the lawlong as my armlong drink
long fingerlong fingerlong finger
long gamelong gamelong game
long goodbyelong greenlong haul
long in the toothlong porklong row to hoe
long runlong screwdriverlong shot
long shotlong sincelong story short
long taillong taillong time
long time no hearlong time no seelong ways, long lies
longpiglook afterlook at
look at the winter …look backlook back
look before you leaplook daggerslook down one's nose
look forlook for a dog to k…look forward
look forward tolook herelook into
look likelook likelook off
look offlook onlook on the bright …
look outlook outlook out
look out for number…look overlook smart
look the other waylook the other waylook the part
look throughlook throughlook through
look through rose-t…look tolook up
look uplook uplook up to
look what the cat's…look-inlook-in
look-inlook-inlooking glass
looking like a wrecklooks uploom large
loose cannonloose cannonloose change
loose changeloose endloose end
loose endsloose endsloose lip
loosen the apron st…loosen the purse st…lord it over
lord of the fliesLord willing and th…Lord's Supper
Lord's Supperlorry driverlose consciousness
lose facelose groundlose it
lose itlose one's coollose one's head
lose one's marbleslose one's mindlose one's shirt
lose one's shitlose one's temperlose one's touch
lose one's waylose oneself inlose out
lose the number of …lose the plotlose the plot
lose touchlose trackloser cruiser
loss of facelost causelost errand
lost footagelost herlost in the shuffle!
lost in translationlot lizardlot lizard
lot lizardloud and clearlouse up
love affair without…love at first sightlove goggles
love is blindlove musclelove muscle
love nestlove nestlove to bits
loved uplow blowlow blow
low on the totem po…low roadlow-down
low-hanging fruitlower the boomlower the boom
lower the boomlower the boom onlower the boom on
lowest point in my …lubrication paymentluck in
luck of the drawluck of the drawluck out
luck outlucky breaklucky devil
lucky diplucky diplucky dip
lucky doglump in one's throatlump it
lump to one's throatlump togetherlunatics have taken…
lying through your …  

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